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Thursday, June 4, 2015

And that's dinner. After our DISNEY SEA adventure (click here) , we all figured that we needed to have something hot to cool down. Ramen was the best choice.

A week or so before my Japan trip, I was advise to try out the different ramen restaurants the country has to offer. From  Ramen St in Tokyo station to other vending machine type ramen like Ichiran for the experience.

Since, we have an Ippudo here in Manila (click here), I dismissed it as a place to visit. 
My mind gave way though as some of friends said that it was different from the one here. 

When in Japan, Tokyo's Ippudo is something that we had to try.

A quick search on IPPUDO lead us to EBISU. 
 We honestly went in circles looking for the place. Rather than exiting on the right side of the station, we went to the left and went farther and in circles.

After a 40 minute walk around, we finally made it. IPPUDO EBISU. 
 Unlike other restaurants, this IPPUDO has a draw towards the foreigners. Seats aren't separated like in other traditional "vending machine ramen stores". There are tables and chairs to share with your friends and family which is ideal for big groups.

After setting into our seats, I took some shots of the  garnish and other things to add in your ramen.

 Forgive me as I can't read Japanese text. We just picked from the menu what to order and customized it to the best that we can. The menu was simple and straight forward. I was actually looking for the other dishes that IPPUDO MANILA offers. Unfortunately, it seems that some of them aren't really sold in Tokyo. Anyway, on to the meal.

 The GYOZA was delicious and perfectly cooked. It wasn't oily nor was the wrapper tired and dry. The feelings complimented the ramen well. It wasn't the best but it was close to it. I wasn't blown away but I did appreciate it.

There were only 4 choices of Ramen with different ways to customize each. You could add some egg or meat and enjoy the dish more. The heat level was also asked. Spicy is as spicy gets.

This was the KARAKA MEN. HOT and perfect for the freaking cold weather. I chose this because I was just too damn cold.
 The noodles were served firm and the broth was pipping hot. Delicious and well rounded taste.

 I was actually impressed with the way they cooked and served the meal. Everything was fast and efficient.

This was the ever flavorful and rich AKAMARU KASANEAJI. It has fried garlic and red pepper paste.

Don't forget to order rice. This isn't for the gyoza but it is to absorb the extra broth once you have eaten all the noodles. Perfect combination. 

Don't forget to slurp!!

Even if we got lost, IPPUDO was worth a try. I was a little disappointed that some of the dishes that are available here aren't available there. In terms of the taste and quality, I could vouch of the authenticity of the one we have in Manila. Worth a try but I know I could easily have a go at it in SM MEGAMALL.
 Everything is worth a try and this is one of those moments that I enjoyed SLURPING my dinner through and through.

1-3-12 Hiroo, Shibuya-Ku
Tokyo, Japan.

Opens around 11am and closes around 3am for Mon to Thurs, 4am Fri-Sat and 2am during Sundays.

map c/o google

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Paid for our meals.
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  1. SARAP!!! Now I'm craving for Ippudo. @_@

    1. Go for it, I can seriously attest that they taste almost if not totally the same... i actually prefer IPPUDO here in Manila as it is more spacious and it has more choices to choose from.

  2. Haven't really tried any ramen yet (not fan of noodles)... but this just makes me want to try it. Hehe!

    1. ramen is quite a big thing in Japan because of the weather and the quick meal it gives. i would suggest you try out ippudo in Sm megamall. they have other dishes besides ramen that could entice you to give it a shot ^_^

  3. Wow, I guess the chefs here in Manila have really been trained well to have that consistency in quality and flavor. Thanks for trying Ippudo in Japan and giving us a good comparison. :)

  4. Hey Roch.... yeah they did good jobs.... i guess the Japanese chefs that stayed here for awhile instilled good traits with the local staff.... in any case, Im happy with IPPUDO Manila... I'm gunning for Ichiran next time I go to tokyo ^_^