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Friday, June 26, 2015

WOAH! That was my initial reaction the first time I stepped out and saw what Makati was. Tall buildings and excellent night view. Everything and more from 71 GRAMERCY.

 Not only is GRAMERCY a bar, it is also an amazing restaurant. With Chef Carlo at the helm, you would definitely be delighted with the different creations he has made for this amazing resto bar.

When going to 71 Gramercy, I would suggest that you get there by sunset. The view is just stunning.

You have the choice to eat al fresco or inside their dining room area. Leather seats and incredible ambiance right here.

Their club area turns into a party place once you enter around past 11pm. Definitely the place to be.

You could start of with your choice of poison. 

Since I was there for the food, I went straight ahead for the cocktail dishes. 
The GRILLED SCALLOPS and CHORIZO with arugula pesto seems to be quite a hit as it was wiped out fast. The scallops were perfectly cooked. The chorizo gave it a little salty flavor.
Another favorite is the MUSHROOM and FETA CHEESE TARTLETS. These babies are a joy to pop. One is not enough. The cheese goes well with the mushrooms.
Something different is the TOMATO and STRAWBERRY CHUTNEY on TOAST with AVOCADO MOUSSE. Different because you don't usually have tomato and strawberry together. With the avocado though, it seemed to work.

Since we are big boys and girls, we can't leave on "snacks alone".
We started off with some CURED SALMON (380Php)
Green Tea cured salmon with arugula, feta, ginger and shallots. This definitely whets the appetite.

The GRUYERE SOUFFLE (320Php) is amazing stuff. Get one for you and do not share it!
Twice baked, this just melts and exudes all that cheesy goodness. 

TUNA SALAD (380Php). It might be a salad but the tuna definitely outweighs the veggies. No worries here.

Herb-crusted Tuna, fennel and orange with dill mustard dressing.

Now who wouldn't go for this. FOIE GRAS NAPOLEON (720Php). Incredibly good foie gras with a semi crispy bread underneath to catch all of that oily goodness. Need I say more?
Seared foie gras, caramelized apple and crisp pastry with aged balsamic.

You could smell this dish from far away. The CRAB and SHRIMP RISOTTO (460Php) is heavenly. The truffled white risotto was made with crab and shrimp.

If risotto isn't your thing, you may want to try the TAGLIATELLE TRUFFLE (480Php). Truffle cream with crisp prosciutto, 62 degree egg and parmesan right smack in the middle. This is your kind of creamy pasta.
You break the egg and it works.

For fish lovers, they have the CHILEAN SEA BASS (1,180Php). Simple and straightforward. Pan-Roasted with lemon oil, crushed potatoes and eggplant relish.

Meat lovers would rejoice with the delicious things the Chef has created. 

DUCK BREAST (820Php). Organic honey glazed US duck breast with onion and thyme puree, rhubard and hazelnut.

The ROAST LAMB (880Php) is served 2 ways. One is boneless rack of lam and another is confit ribs with roasted pumpkin puree. There is also crushed minted peas and rosemary-garlic jus on the side.

BREAKFAST for DINNER (580Php) is a play on words. Home-cured and smoked Berkshire PORK BELLY with 62 degree egg, potato hash, mushrooms and tomato fondant. Everything for breakfast.

Simply put, the STEAK! This AUSTRALIAN SHER LABEL WAGYU steak is 300 grams (2,480Php) and is served pretty darn good. No need for the sauce as the meat makes all the flavor that you would need. Soft and tender.

71 GRAMERCY should also be known as a dessert place.

This is the #LEGIT CHOCOLATE CAKE (320Php). 5 textures  and 3 kinds of chocolate.
Hot chocolate liquid is placed in the center and it melts.
From there, you get everything.

ALMOND TART (220Php) is not your ordinary tart. It has strawberries, rhubard and burnt butter ice cream. The ice cream in itself is deadly. So take heed.

If you are thinking of a different chocolate dessert the CHOCOLATE BANANA SOUFFLE is your bet. Kinda like a lava cake but it still isn't. This is a good way to end the night.

For something refreshing, the PAVLOVA (320Php) is the way to go. MANGO and PASSION FRUIT makes this dish stand out.

With amazing dishes, 71 GRAMERCY is definitely more than your ordinary bar. You could eat dinner here and enjoy the night away. I love how the creations of Chef Carlo makes the night better and crazier. 

Admittedly, it might be a little steep for some. Honestly, for the quality, I am all for it. The dishes, ambiance and the service makes up for everything. Better to call on ahead and make a reservation before you go. 

6PM - 10PM for dining &
10PM onwards for the lounge.
For reservations
(0917) 847 7535
(0917) 809 4093
Calls will be accepted from 10AM - 9PM

Disclaimer: Was invited to Gramercy. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. Grabe, ang gaganda ng plating. :) Each item is a feast for my eyes. I'd be in a food coma after devouring even a bit of everything in this post, haha. Green tea cured salmon is the most interesting since I haven't heard of green tea with salmon. How's the taste? Did the green tea take away the fish taste? OMG, desserts are stunning!

    1. The green tea was just there.. hmm Too mild for me.. and not really over powering... I did enjoy the STEAK and the souffle!! That was really epic!!!!!

      ... and the desserts were OMG! hehehehe


  3. Thank you for the compliment ^^

  4. Goodness gracious, ang ganda ng pictures mo!!! Haven't been to Gramercy, but it looks like a nice place to chill out (although I have to prep up a lot pa pala before going in haha)

  5. Thanks a bunch... You don't really need to prep if you are going... Just remember to have a reservation and call on ahead... I mean... if in case you are going to party...

    Also, don't forget to enjoy and have fun....