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Friday, June 19, 2015

 Lobster, Sisig, Foie Gras, Ox Tongue, and a lot more. 

These dishes. Enough said! CHEF SAU's partnership with SOLAIRE'S FRESH makes this June an epic month for foodies that enjoy a good twist on Filipino Dishes.

  Fresh is the buffet dining concept of Solaire. The place is huge and could easily entertain 400-500 pax on a steady night. Comfy couches and cool interiors welcome the foodies to FRESH.

Chef Sau, experienced and creative in the culinary arts, has partnered with Solaire's Fresh to produce a great line up of dishes to promote Filipino Independence. Since the month of June is upon us, Solaire made sure to incorporate the theme into their buffet. From June 15 to July 15, you could try out their offerings.

There are certain things that you would want to know about a buffet. One of them is how to attack it... Remember always go for the big ticket items first. They make the price you pay worth it. 

Speaking off...

 Right off the bat, a huge piece of meat greeted everyone. This is the LECHONG BAKA or Roast Beef. Juices upon juices dripped out of its fine meat. The taste is incredible and the meat is tender. Rarely do you see this dish served in a buffet.

 Not to be outdone, right beside it are three kinds of LECHON or Roast Pig. They are interpretations of versions from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
 Crunchy pig skin is the most favorite part. The Luzon version has a neutral taste.
 In contrast, the Visayas version is a little salty and has a little surprise fruit in the middle. The Mindanao kind is different because it has tablea cooked in it. Definitely not to be missed.

Aside from the heavy weights, they also featured version of LONGANISA or local sausages. Plus ARROZ VALENCIANA or a sticky rice version of Paella.

 They also offered a few seafood that are ready to cook to your liking or pre-cooked for your pleasure.

Like this buttered SLIPPER LOBSTER.

 Or different fishes like Lapu-Lapu or Blue Marlin.

 Squid or home made fish balls.

 You could also go for something a little hot like this WAGYU BEEF BULALO.

Chef Sau also prepared more dishes to choose from. 

Like this sinful FOIE GRAS SISIG.

 And a personal favorite of mine, the US BEEF OX TONGUE with Mushrooms and Corn.
 Perfectly cooked lengua or tongue. The meat is tender and delicious. Adding the shrooms and the corn made it a joy to eat. Definitely not to be missed.

A creative innovation by the Chef is this LAMB LOIN CALDERETA with PINAKBET RATATOUILLE.

In case you wanted more seafood, they have the LOBSTER ALAVAR ZAMBOANGUENA. This is the Muslim way of preparing coconut crabs or curacha. You could definitely taste the coconut milk used in this dish.

 Another sinful dish is the GAMBAS with ALIGUE. Aligue for your information is crab fat. Deadly but a joy to eat. Do have this and mix it with plain rice. Delish!

 And it doesn't stop there. They also figured to make some freshly baked bread from our childhoods. Like this PAN DE REGLA. Regla because of the red coloring on the end. Among others, they have an assortment of these traditional Filipino Breads.

 For a Filipino Dessert, they have a BARQUILLOS station. This is basically your wafer station. Made fresh. A little salty to combat the sweet background. It was difficult for me to stop getting one every time I would pass by.

 Another local dish is the PAKTO or native crepe. This is like a soft and thin pancake roll with coconut shavings inside. It was simple and insanely good. If only I could bring some home.

and the healthy people can just go on over and indulge on these yummy sugar free dessert.
 A home made yogurt, cheese cake and a dark chocolate cake.

CHEF SAU is definitely one of the best Filipino Chef around. Championing the Filipino Food here and abroad, you really can't fault the guy. Definitely a joy to eat his creations.

 SOLAIRE'S FRESH Buffet dining concept is definitely a great choice to experience excellent Filipino food in a buffet setting. The place is amazing and up to date. The staff was incredible attentive and gave the best they could to assist us. The food was great. Innovative and up to par with the different restaurants in the area. Of course the price maybe a little steep but it is well within the range of buffets in hotels. 

If these dishes aren't enough to pull you to try SOLAIRE'S FRESH, let me just remind you that they have a Chinese section with all the ducks and dumplings you would want. Plus, they also offer pasta and pizza. Not to mention the make your own noodle station and the Japanese section with the freshly cooked tempura and different kinds of Sashimi and Sushi and Rolls you would ever want. Don't get me started also on the appetizers like the different salad, cheeses and cured meat. Of course, they have more dessert offerings that you would ever want.

 Yes that is SOLAIRE'S FRESH. Delicious and Spot on!!!

 1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City,
Tambo, Paranque, Metro Manila
+(632) 888.8888

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out this restaurant. Wrote this based on my experience and opinions. Thank you very much Gwen and of course Solaire for having us.
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