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Sunday, July 19, 2015

On a traffic infested night, I met one of the craziest and straight forward chef that is down to earth and kind of cool. That being Chef JONAS NG. I was able to try out his creations at LE JARDIN (See more Le Jardin here) and was definitely impressed. Not only is he a great chef, he is also the owner of Huat Pot Hotpot Restaurant and was previously the executive chef of Mango Tree.

Surprised and happy I was when I learned that he is now staring in an up and coming TV show named: CHEF NEXT DOOR with JONAS NG.

Once you enter LE JARDIN, you are transported into a different place. Honestly, it has a different vibe when it comes to dining here at lunch and at dinner. So one afternoon, I went and saw it for myself. A little dim but the view... as far as the eye could see.

Before the launch started, we were able to try out the Chef's Creations.
From a Tuna Tataki with Soba noodles to Old Fashioned Spring Roll and a Shrimp and Pomelo Salad. Missing from this photo is the POUTINE which is a bad ass comfort food! Everything was simple and yet gives off this sophisticated look.

I pretty much enjoyed the Tuna Tataki but skipped the soba noodles underneath. 
   Boss Spanky was the emcee of the event and I'm telling you ladies.. This guy is one hot papa !

After a few games and some booze, the event proper started off and CHEF JONAS NG went on ahead and explained the concept behind CHEF NEXT DOOR.
From a sneak peek, I believe that the show has emphasized on the need of quick thinking in hypothetical situations that are common in a life of a homebody. From being able to produce gourmet dishes with convenience store products and to impressing everyone with them.  If I am not mistaken, the first episode also has guests from BURGER and BREWSKIES. 

 Knowing Chef Jonas, I could definitely say that The CHEF NEXT DOOR would show the sexy, geeky and funny side of cooking. The show premiers tomorrow, JULY 20, 2015 Monday at 10pm. Replays at Tuesdays at 5:30am, Wednesday at 5:30pm, and Fridays at 12AM and 9:30PM. It would be shown on the Lifestyle Network Skycable channel 52.

Again, congratulations CHEF JONAS NG. More blessings and I can't wait for your first episode. Cheers.

Disclaimer: Was invited to witness the launch of the CHEF NEXT DOOR. Wrote this based on my own opinion. Chef Next Door Logo is owned by the Show. Credits to the owner.
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