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Friday, July 17, 2015

Chicken is always close to my heart and tummy. I always if not everyday have this meat in my stomach as poultry is a favorite of mine. 

Lately, there have been a surge of Chicken places in the metro. One of them started it but I believe others are better. MY personal preference would have to be FRANGOS. Not really comparing but FRANGOS offers roasted chicken that are moist, delicious and flavorful. 
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Located along Kamagong St., in Makati , it was quite easy to spot it as it has a huge sign up. I was also thankful that they had a huge parking space in front to accommodate the diners.

To my surprise, the place is packing. ON a weekday at around 9pm, people were still going in and getting their grub on. Just goes to show how they are slowly but surely getting there.
What started as a stall in the famous Legazpi Sunday Market, FRANGOS now evolve to a restaurant. Jonathan and Pia Renato partnered up with Chef Jerome of Tambai to make these amazing dishes.

Let's start off with some of their side dishes. Since this is a "chicken restaurant", the chef went on in and had these serve to get us ready for the main event.

FROM Upper Left: Roasted Pumpkin Hummus (95Php), Couscous Salad (80Php), Buttered Corn (60Php), Fries (50Php), and Coleslaw (55Php)

These are perfect to partner up with the mains. What I would definitely recommend though is the ROASTED PUMPKIN HUMMUS. Served with Pita Bread, the hummus has a touch of pumpkin that gave it another level. I loved it.

I kept on getting them but only stopped when I was able to try the 
The chorizo went well with the sour cream and the salsa they served. Definitely a must try.

If you want something more flavorful, I would suggest you get their PORTUGUESE SEAFOOD RICE (450Php). The rice is a little wet but had heavy flavors of seafoods. It was a meal into itself.

The BEEF TRINCHADO (250Php) is another dish that I would love to go with anything. I would go back to Frangos for this one right here. Baby Potatoes are partnered with US Beef. It has a little garlicky flavor but it definitely hits the spot.

If you are into steak, go for their PORCO STEAK (230Php). I know it may be too much but this slab of pork is grilled and cooked to perfection.

 Of course, we can't forget as to why we went there. FOR THE CHICKEN!!!!
They perfected this technique to properly cook the chicken with all the juices still in it.

And here it is. The CHICKEN (145/260/480Php). The spices and the rubs given to this lovely piece of meat elevates the flavor and helps it retain the moisture. Definitely one of a kind. Just remember though, you need to wait 15-20 minutes as they cook the chicken as you order. Believe me, it is worth it.
Even if it is good on its own, they have special sauces that help you liven it up.
Pick one or mix them all together. They have the Green Harissa Chili Garlic, Chili Garlic and Tomato Piri Piri. My personal preference would be the Tomato Piri Piri alongside the Green Harissa. Superb.

I must say, it has been a long time since I had an amazing meal like this. Good food and good company makes any meal fantastic. If you are into chicken and aren't afraid to wait 15-20 minutes, FRANGOS is the place for you. It's in Makati and I know it's traffic but heck, I got in and out safely and happy. I know you will be too.

9595 Buma Building Kamagong Street,
 Makati City. 

Disclaimer: Was Invited to try out Frangos. Wrote this based on my experience.
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