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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

When push comes to shove, SABOTEN has always been there. When in doubt, you could never go wrong with their dishes. Recently, my friends and I were invited to try out some of the new appetizers along with the good old classics.

I remember how joyful I was the first time I learned that SABOTEN was opening up in BGC. IT was their first store. EPIC lines would erupt during peak hours and rightfully so. It was because of quality of food and their impeccable service. The experience was awesome. Click here to see how it fared before.

In any case, 2 years later, I found myself in the same branch again. SABOTEN BGC.

I will be forever amazed with the drinks they offer. That day, I chose the STRAWBERRY YAKULT (175Php). Smooth and just right, this refreshing drink is perfect for the humid weather.

SABOTEN has new dishes that you may want to try. I was lucky enough to get a taste of them. 

The AGEDASHI TOFU is light and sweet. TOFU lovers would definitely go for this as it soaks up all the flavors from the sauce and the flakes. Crisp outside while soft creamy inside.

The MAGURO TSUKUDAMI (120Php) is a thing of genius. First look and you will think of it as a beef dish. Rather, the strips are made with fish. This is a little salty so what I would recommend is mixing it with your rice. Making your own fried rice!!!! YUMMY!

Another dish to try is the SWEET and SOUR CHICKEN NANBAN (Set 475Php). Not overly fried, the sweet flavor is already infused in the chicken.

Something unique that may tickle your fancy is the GINGER PORK SHOGAYAKI with SWEET RADISH STEAK (Set495Php). What strikes me are these sweet radish. It isn't everyday that you get to have this sweet delight.

My hands down favorite is SABOTEN'S JUMBO DEEP FRIED OYSTERS (195Php). I know it's a little steep in terms of price BUT these are IMPORTED FROM HIROSHIMA, JAPAN. That SPECIAL!!!! One bite and you taste the difference.

I got reintroduced to the good stuff.. 
THE ORIGINAL (390/410/440Php). SABOTEN stands out from the rest because of their bread crumbs. The coating of the katsu dish is lighter. Giving it a different, crunchy texture. Of course this is a set so it comes with the usual. Rice, Miso Soup, Cabbage and Pickles.

Their version of katsudon, CLAY POTS. This one is a TENDERLOIN SET (440Php). The pot definitely keeps the dish warm !!

IF you want it to be a little sweeter, the MISO KATSU TENDERLOIN SET (440Php) is for you. It was prudent of them to place the dish in a heated pan so that the sauce would dry up and destroy the texture.

A favorite of mine is the GRATED RADISH TENDERLOIN SET (440Php). The katsu is covered with grated radish that gives it a different texture.
The grapefruit changes the flavor a bit to make it more refreshing.
Don't tell anyone, but this is my all time pick.

SABOTEN also has a few dessert dishes to offer. 

The STRAWBERY SHORTCAKE (195Php) is simple yet easy to like. It is very light so if you think you don't have any room left, go for this!

The MATCHA LYCHEE ALMOND CAKE was a little different for me. I didn't quite get the taste. Maybe because I had a lot to eat so I couldn't discern it anymore. I'll try this again next time around.

Among all the desserts, this one is my favorite. The CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT CREAM CAKE (195Php). The chocolate wasn't too sweet that it overpowers the entire cake. It melts in your mouth that with each bite you get this cloud nine feeling.

I love reconnecting with the classics. SABOTEN ensures that you get quality dishes at the right prices. Service was top notch. The food was delicious. I would definitely return to have my fill of that oyster. Yes that good. Now if only scientist could discover something that could eradicate excess calories. WHEW!

Serendra, BGC, Taguig City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my opinions. Was invited to try out their dishes.
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  1. I have yet to try Saboten. Hope they'll branch out na near me. :)

  2. Seriously???? You should try it!!! saboten is worth the visit... BGC naman and in Serendra