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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I rarely venture to MAKATI. Knowing that the whole city is synonymous with the word TRAFFIC. I only go there when I have a driver or if someone is kind enough to invite me on a off peak weekend. 

One of those rare places that was able to lure me out was SIMPLE LANG. Granted that the place is difficult when it comes to parking, I still went for it because I was craving for some delicious straightforward Filipino Food. I believe SIMPLE LANG offers that laid back, quick and delicious food that is affordable to the everyday Filipino.

This is just the second time I have been to AYALA TRIANGLE. It was a new experience for me as the last time I was there, it was night and I wasn't able to see the beauty of the entire park.

SIMPLE LANG is located along a strip of restaurants. Ready to serve the hungry masses and fill them up.
The restaurant is quirky with a general design of red in mind. Red as we all know is similar to passion. SIMPLE LANG has that when it comes to food.

CHEF KALEL made sure to deliver awesome Filipino dishes with a little twist and I was impressed. He adds things to dishes to make them blend together.

Usually, you would get drinks such as sago't gulaman but what they have are these minty refreshment. Reminiscent of the Double Mint Gum, these drinks give that refreshing flavor.

An interesting veggie dish is the TINAPA'T TOPS (185Php). Kamote Tops, Kang Kong, Alugbati Tops, Tomatoes, red Onions, Salted Egg Dressing, Topped with Tinapa Bits. This dish is amazing in terms of flavor. The salted egg sauce works well with all the green tops and the tinapa.

My favorite dish though would be the CRISPY "CHOP CHOP" PORK BELLY DINAKDAKAN (195Php). Chopped Roasted Pork Belly with calamansi and paminta to liven the dish. Special sauce was used to bring everything together.

I had another favorite and I know it is too much but the ILOCOS STYLE SISIG EMPANADA was the bomb!!! Papaya strips were inside along with the sisig. AMAZING!!!
 Real sisig!!! And inside the crunchy empanada. The flavors worked well with each other and it was amazing.

I wasn't thinking of rice but the SISIG FRIED RICE (180Php) was already a meal in itself. The rice is overwhelming with the sisig flavor.

Other rice or carb dishes that would interest you would be old favorites.

SIMPLE LANG ARROZ CALDO. Flavorful and filled with a lot of toppings to make it delicious and interesting.

This peeping hot dish is the BATCHOY with egg and chicharon. You may think it is simple but the "creamy" soup makes this a perfect comfort food.

CRISPY PALABOK (275Php). Topped with bagnet, shrimp, tinapa bits and egg. Everything in this dish shouts CRUNCHYYY!!!.

The sauce makes the dish come well rounded. Just be sure to eat it quickly once you add it. The noodles absorb the sauce pretty fast.

PANCIT TINOLA (195Php) .. Hainan Style Chicken bursting with ginger flavor and fried sili leaves. If I were to choose, this would be my noodle of choice. This simple dish not only gives you that chicken flavor from the tinola but the ginger background reminds me of Hainan Chicken.
Another innovative dish is the TINOLA INASAL.The chicken has that inasal feel and yet you have the soup to assist and blend with the chicken flavor. ANG SARAP!

To end the meal, you can be sure of interesting desserts.
From left clockwise.
MANGO MADNESS CRUSH (175Php) - 4 kinds: Fresh, Ice Cream, Custard & Puree with Sago & Crush Ice. If you love mangoes, you would enjoy this to the fullest.
TURON BITES (95Php) - Saba, Toasted Sesame & Condensed Milk. Use the sticks to get everything in one go. Dip them on the condense milk to have a better experience.
HALO-HALO (175Php) - The old classic. This makes your inner child dance with joy
ICE GINATAANG BILO-BILO- This is one of their newest dessert. It has your bilo-bilo and some macapuno like strips accompanying it. It has pinipig bits to make the texture more interesting. 

SIMPLE LANG if a restaurant that offers quick and fast Filipino Comfort food. The dishes are interesting to make you go back and try some more. The chef made sure that the everything is familiar but still different from what you get at home. The food is straight forward and the service is impeccable.


Ayala Triangle Gardens
Makati City, Metro Manila

(632) 6216162;
(632) 6216162

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out this Restaurant. Wrote this based on my experience.
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  1. The dishes look interesting. I should give this place a visit, and I'm craving for Palabok!!! :)

  2. Have a ho... simple lang is a nice place to relax and have some good grub