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Sunday, August 2, 2015

On a sleepy and wet Thursday night, my friends and I were treated to a very special drink. The Margarita.

Of course, it was so simple that you could make it all wrong. One thing I learned though was that CASA NOBLE and COINTREAU makes it an awesome drink. Smooth and close to perfect. Having the best ingredients to use in a drink definitely makes it a whole lot better to drink.

CASA NOBLE is not your ordinary tequila. Different kind for a different drink. It is smooth and perfect for that shot every guy and gal wants. This premium TEQUILA is not like your normal run of the mill. It is 100% organic and gives off a different clean taste.

COINTREAU, on the other hand, is what makes everything better.  Made by science, this citrusy alcoholic drink will make your senses go wild.

 Yes, you could drink them on the rocks or straight as it is. WHY not make them more fun? BY making them into YOUR PERFECT MARGARITA.

 It might be a little COINTREAUVERSIAL but heck, you would have a grand time!

 That night, DJ JESSICA MILNER started the party with awesome sounds

 Her skills are the bomb and I must say, she knows her stuff.
 Not only can she spin, she also knows that partying is important to everyday life.
Glass for two?

One can't live on drinks alone. Thankfully TODD ENGLISH was able to provide. Among all the food they gave us,  I liked the rolls.
 and their crunchy pizzas.

With the presence of BAR MAN LEE WATSON, one of the most sought after mixologist in the metro, he was able to demonstrate how to properly do a MARGARITA.
With all of the steps, you can't really follow it but this allowed us to shake it and make some for ourselves.  Giving it a try and enjoying everything else.

Basically, A MARGARITA is just a simple drink. Yet, it is so easy to mess up. Having the best ingredients would make it amazing. Thus, CASA NOBLE and COINTREAU.

With awesome drinks... Awesome friends are also there.
 Pepe samson, Chuckie and Yen Dreyfus, Dude for food, and I

Can't wait to have a shot or two of that CASA NOBLE and COINTREAU.


Todd English's Balcony
5th Level
Taguig City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to this launch.
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  1. Pagrab ng group pic natin! Haha! Naka-crop ako sa camera KO eh. LOL. Thanks!

  2. Sure thing bro :D :D :D .. :D :D :D