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Monday, August 24, 2015

There's this restaurant that I would always pass by when I drive along White Plains in Quezon City. I really didn't bother trying it out as the traffic there is horrible and parking isn't that good. Fast forward a few years and here they are in BGC. EARTH KITCHEN opened up their second restaurant in Bonifacio High Street Central. 

Dishes can be seen as somewhat come what may. One thing can be assured off though, these are organic and are all farm to table. 
EARTH KITCHEN in BGC is going for the healthy and sustaining environment when it comes to food. Locally sourced ingredients are used and as a way, they help local farmers.

Drinks are pretty amazing too. From this DALANDAN juice
to their different smoothies. Made with fresh ingredients that definitely could help if you are going for that cleanse or healthy streak.

For starters, we had a go with the WATERMELON and ROCKET SALAD (270Php). Pili nuts alongside with organic and fresh arugula and watermelon, is a perfect combination with the balsamic vinaigrette. 

RISOTTO BALLS (250Php) is a fun snack. Cheese with mushroom and risotto stuffed in deep fried balls. I liked how this is perfect for young kids to transition to healthy dishes. 

FISH and MANGO (190Php) Mahi Mahi fish is used and breaded and is partnered with mango and cilantro. Plum sauce is used to give it a more tangy taste.

SHRIMP SPRING ROLLS (295Php). This is for the veggie eater. I skipped this as I wasn't really going for the veggie in me. 

One thing I liked about EARTH KITCHEN is that they serve soft tacos. It may not be as authentic as those Mexican themed restaurants but they are pretty good. The BEEF BULGOGI (280Php) is pretty good. 

Boneless beef ribs was perfectly used. The kimchi rice was perfect as it gave a sting on each bite. 

For pasta, the PUMPKIN and GOAT'S CHEESE PACCHERI (310Php) is a must. I didn't really expect much. But after a bite, the pumpkin blended well with the cheese. Thankful though that this had bacon cubes as it was getting too healthy for me. 

Another pasta that came highly recommended was the SQUID INK and ALIGUE (430Php). A lot of local scallops with squid ink pasta and aligue or crab meat was used. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the use of crab fat was deadly to say the least. 

Another interesting and yummy dish was the BRAISED BACON (530Php). This was what I was waiting for. A huge cut of bacon, with cabbage and marbled potatoes. It was a little sweet but it was perfectly done. The bacon though could be more tender.

The BEEF KABAB (380Php) was a simple dish. It was straight forward and tasted pretty good. Organic Ifugao Rice Pilaf was served with the sauces. The meat was tender and I did enjoy the flavours. 

For dessert,  scoops of ice cream were served. From Goat's Cheese to Tablea to Pastillas. I enjoyed the Goat's Cheese with its toppings of figs. It works pretty well. The Tablea tasted liked old school chocolate. Like back when we were kids. The Pastillas wasn't really that great for me. I would skip this one. Would definitely go back for that Goat's Cheese Ice Cream though!!!.

EARTH KITCHEN in BGC recently opened. Allowing its patrons from the south to no longer brave the traffic all the way to QUEZON CITY. Aside from serving organic and fresh dishes, EARTH KITCHEN partners with farmers and sourced their ingredients locally. They are all for sustaining local livelihood. Eliminating the middle man, gives a lot more chances for them to serve their diners better. The food can be seen as somewhat from all over. There is no general theme, just that they are pushing for organic and locally sourced ingredients. Even if, I believe that they are doing a pretty good job. Service was excellent and I will definitely be back even if it would be just for desserts. Congratulation EARTH KITCHEN. 

Upper Ground Floor
Bonifacio High Street Central
Taguig, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to try out their dishes. Wrote this based on my experience.
Pardon for I am still trying to adjust to MAC.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. I want to try the tablea ice cream! Loved Earth Kitchen as well. Can't wait to go back. :)

  2. Yeah the ice creams are pretty good ^_^

  3. First, I love the name, I don't know, it just sounds right to my ears. Glad they have a branch in BGC, at least if ever I want to try this out then I don't have to go all the way to QC. And by the look of the food and the fact that it promotes healthy eating, I am definitely going to visit Earth Kitchen. Dang, whenever I visit your blog, I keep adding some resto to my list hahaha...

    But of course the food is pricey! Gah! Why does healthy food need to be expensive! I love the presentation though, especially that pumpkin and goat's cheese paccheri.

    I wanna try everything just because they look pretty! Hahaha..

  4. YES Marj,

    its a bit pricey but its worth a try. :D :D :D

    The dishes are getting fixed and they are getting there. Earth Kitchen.. can be somewhat a little bit more flavorful or better than the other healthy place in bgc... hihihi but that's just me. Go for it Marj :D Cheers