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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I am craving for some good old fashion grilled FILIPINO FOOD. When that goes into my mind, I go berserk. I look and look until I find the missing thing in my life. For me at that particular time, it was good old fashioned Chicken Inasal and Sisig. One place that I could think of that could deliver these without emptying my pocket would be THE GRILL BOY. 

THE GRILL BOY is situated at the 2nd floor of the SPARK PLACE. Right infront of SM and Ali Mall along P. Tuason, SPARK PLACE houses the right establishments  that we would need in our every day lives without the hassle and bustle of a regular mall. 
Picture by R. Zamora of Pickiest Eater.
It has a ROBINSON'S SUPERMARKET, APPLIANCE CENTER, and even a HANDY MAN HARDWARE STORE. Best part? It offers free parking on the side and also in the basement.

 Going back, one of the best food establishment in the SPARK PLACE would be THE GRILL BOY. One thing though before we move one, THEY OFFER UNLIMITED RICE! Yes, you got it. Boy, you would be needing it.

Before all the heavy heart pumping dishes, they served something healthy. THE CRISPY PORK and MANGO SALAD (66Php). This right here mixes the flavors of the mango, tomatoes and onions. The fact that it has crispy pork on top, gives it a crunchier texture. 

Another healthy option that they have is the LAING (53Php). For the price, this could be compared to any laing dishes around the metro. 

I did mention that they serve unlimited rice right? Just in case, you don't want it. They also have some "pasta dishes".

Like this PANCIT and 

For the BIG GUNS, we start with the BETTY'S CRISPY PORK SISIG (95Php). A whole sizzling platter filled with sisig is served. Sisig is basically everything you would love in a food. Crunchy, a little oily and yes, deadly. You could opt to add an egg so that you could properly mix the flavors together. 

Of course they also have other pork dishes like this 
LECHON KAWALI (99Php) for that crunchy bite.
or a GRILLED LIEMPO for something more "healthy"

and in case you want something more, they also offer, PORK BBQ.

For seafood, the GRILL BOY has a couple of dishes that I enjoyed. 

The PINAPUTOK na BANGUS got me eating fish. I don't normally like to have fish but the flavors of the tomatoes and the onions were absorbed by the fish meat and was definitely a treat. 

GRILLED TUNA BELLY (121Php) is a work of art. You wouldn't know that something so simple and so normal looking would actually taste pretty well. If you aren't a pork eater, you sure as hell would love this.

One thing that surprised me was the BONELESS CHICKEN INASAL (99Php). It was flavorful and properly marinated. I could taste the inasal flavor deep inside the chicken meat. Furthermore, it was moist, tender and definitely yummy. 

To cap the meal, you could go for their affordable desserts. Here, I was able to get a halo-halo and a leche flan on the side.
 One more dessert I liked was the Buko Pandan.. Pretty good, I must say. Excellent way to end the meal.  

As you can see, THE GRILL BOY has affordable meals with UNLIMITED RICE. You get to pick between: plain, garlic, and java. Plain rice would be served after. The meals are pretty good and could make me go for a second or a third extra rice because they warrant it. The fact that the meals are pretty affordable and tastes great, I could see myself going back.

2nd Floor The Spark Place
P. Tuazon Cor 10th Ave.
Cubao, Quezon City.
Infront of SM and Ali Mall.

Disclaimer: was invited to try out their dishes. Wrote this based on my opinion. Definitely impressed with the food and I really enjoyed it. For the price, this is a steal.
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  1. I like that it is quite affordable. I'm definitely trying laing and the crispy pork mango salad.