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Thursday, August 20, 2015

A couple of weeks back, I found myself driving in a place that I have never been to. It was somewhat far and I didn't know my left from my right. It was all guessometer and I had a hard time with that. Just because of food, I did it. After going around in circles, I found my way to Pasig's newest food stop. It was here that I saw PANCAKE HOUSE. 

It is never too early or late for breakfast. That is one statement in which I know a lot of us agree with. 
PANCAKE HOUSE serves amazing dishes that one could definitely say is distinctly FILIPINO. The food may have originated from a different place but PANCAKE HOUSE'S version of them definitely shout FILIPINO FLAVORS.

Don't get me wrong, PANCAKE HOUSE has been in the business for a long long time. I could remember eating their tacos and their classic dishes ever since I was a little kid. I enjoyed it. IT is pretty amazing that even until now they continue to innovate and spread their reaches. 

For Starters, Pancake House delivers new fresh salad.
The SHRIMP MANGO SALAD (295Php) is served with a fresh tangy dressing. The addition of the nuts in the salad gave it a different texture. I liked this one.

If shrimps or mangoes aren't really your thing, I suggest you get their WARM BACON POTATO SALAD (164Php). Given that this is basically potato salad, can still enjoy every last bite.

 Since this is the house of pancake, you can choose between waffles to flavored pancakes and other carb goodies that are usually made for breakfast. 

In case, you aren't into that good morning stuff, you could go for their simple meals. Like this, HOUSE SPECIAL SET (257Php). Taco, salad and a piece of chicken. Works every time.

 Now, I can't help but say that the TACOs in PH is definitely different from their Mexican counterparts. IT is more Filipino. The sweet flavour coming from the ground beef and its juices makes it homey and distinctively Filipino. I super duper like their tacos.

The same goes with their SPAGHETTI. Yes, it isn't the usual thing that we would get from an Italian Restaurant but it is reminisce of what we used to have during birthday parties. A little on the sweet side if you know what I mean. 

Yes, they too offer dessert. Seeing that it is a little bit over board already, I would suggest that you stay off it. In case you don't want to listen to me, they also offer crepes.

PANCAKE HOUSE has been in the country for the longest time. Seeing that they are continuing to expand makes them an awesome restaurant that caters to the FILIPINO PALETTE. Yes, the tacos and the spaghettis are a bit on the sweet side. Yes they mostly serve breakfast food. BUT, they definitely make them definitely FILIPINO. 

Metro Manila
Opened a couple of weeks back, 
open from 7am to 9pm

Disclaimer: was invited to try out their dishes. Wrote this based on my experience
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