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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Friday night, to avoid the traffic that hounds the metro, My friends and I gathered in THE PERFECT PINT to share a glass of beer and amazing food.

PERFECT PINT is found on the second floor of CROSSROADS Bldg in BGC. You really can't miss it.

 Not my first time,  as I had a couple of beer here with my relatives a few months back. So I had no problem with parking and searching for the place.

One thing that I liked is the pub feel and the different sayings on the wall and on the mirrors.

Beers are abundant in the PERFECT PINT. You could go for dark ones to mild and even deep flavor. Some are also brewed by local guys so you can taste the different flavors pretty well.

Since I did go for the food, we were served appetizers first.
The OYSTER SISIG. Has a little crunchy part but the texture feels a little odd. Or maybe it's just me.

The TUNA TENDERS are just amazing. These deep fried beer battered tuna testicles are incredible. The taste is just wow but the texture is somewhat different since they are testicles. Perfect for any drink you may want to partner it just think of them as balls. Enjoy and have fun. Must try!!!

If you are into Pizza, The TRUFFLE PIZZA is your bet. This thin crust is topped with Mozzarella and Gruyere. Truffle cream and paste are also added to achieve that flavor.

If you are a heavy eater, you must get the KAPAL FACE with House Pickles.
This baby right here is crunchy all over. Think and imagine CRISPY PATA. In this dish though, you only get the crispy parts because the PIG'S face is used. Everything is super crunchy!

Another perfect beer pair is the SAUSAGE PLATTER. Four different huge sausages with a side of fries are served to entice you to drink some more. Different beer gives off a different taste when partnered with this sausage. I would usually go for the tame and mild sausage rather than the heavy and peppery one.

One dessert that was amazingly plated was the BAKED CARAMEL BROWNIE SMORES with RHUM RAISIN ICE CREAM. Given that it was a bit too sweet, I stayed away from it and only had a tiny taste. IT was warm chocolate brownie love. The touch of marshmallows just made it perfect.

When in BGC, THE PERFECT PINT is the pub or watering hole that you could visit for different beers. Their dishes are perfect beer matches. The only thing that could prohibit one from going is that the food quantity is a lot and the prices are a little on the high end side. Mostly, you would see expats as the patrons to this restaurant. Service was excellent. Taste was perfect. Cheers.

Crossroads Building, 32nd Street, BGC
Taguig City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. Thank you very much zomato and The Perfect Pint.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. It was nice seeing you again kuya! :)

  2. Ang sarap!!! The interiors also look impressive! :)

  3. Ow yeah jhanz super duper deadly stuff

  4. I'm not really a beer drinker so if I go there I''ll do it for the food. They have many interesting dish ah, like that oyster sisig. Not sure why you find it odd, I better find out for myself. I like the name of Kapal Face, quirky! And my that baked brownie smores looks interesting. I'm not sure if I would like it though because as you said it's too sweet.

  5. Hihihi kapal ng face is pretty quirky... Maybe crunchy face is better hahahahahaha... Ouster sisig had a different texture so I didn't quite enjoy it that much...^^