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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Let's do this. Eastwood is a place that would forever be in my heart. This is where I used to go to back when I was in high school and even until when I was still working and up to now. I could remember the wasted nights, the lovely dates and even the only place to go to for a post prom night. It has never failed to amazed me. From an empty parking lot to office buildings, condo units and even a huge mall with different establishments to go to and enjoy. It lives up to its name as a township. 

One restaurant that caught my eye is CHELSEA KITCHEN. One of two branches that caters to the foodie audience in the metro. The other branch is located in SM MEGAFASHION HALL in MEGAMALL. In Eastwood, the restaurant that used to be MOMO CAFE transformed into CHELSEA KITCHEN. Rain Tree Restaurants, the group behind amazing food places like Saboten and M Cafe made sure to entice our eyes and tummies with CHELSEA KITCHEN.  
Bright lights lure you in and they got you with their food. 

One thing I noticed is that they have a drink list that a little kid like me would be giddy about. From floats, to mixed juices and cocktail inspired non-alcoholic drinks, you will definitely have something to pick. 
But for me, I preferred the HONEY LIME FIZZ (195Php) as it was sour and sweet at the same time.  

You could also go "healthy" with their best seller, the MUSHROOM CHICHARON (195Php). Deep fried crunchy mushroom served with a vinegar and aioli based sauce. I couldn't stop myself from getting one after another. The mushroom are just like "pork cracklings" but a little healthier. 
One section of the menu that got me interested was their SANDWICHES. I was actually there for snack time and I figured I didn't want heavy. Unfortunately for my tummy, CHELSEA KITCHEN serve generous serving sizes of their meals and snacks. 

The ULTIMATE GRILLED CHEESE (295Php) was perfect for me. It had a side of house made fries and roasted tomato cappuccino. The bread and the three different cheeses used were spot on in terms of dunking them in the soup.
The same actually goes for HOT TAPA FRENCH DIP (350Php). A caramelized onion soup is used as a dipping sauce for the sandwich. The tapa was tender and perfect. Thinking about it makes my mouth drool. 
Thinking that man doesn't live on bread alone, the YELLOW CARBONARA (320Php) was just too good to be true. It was creamy and each bite made me swoon in delight. You won't see me do that unless I was exceptionally happy about something I am eating. I believe it was the hollandaise that made the sauce creamy as much as anything can be. This is delightful and must not be missed.
Dessert is an important aspect of any meal. In Chelsea Kitchen Eastwood, they made sure that every foodie have their fill. 

The House made COOKIE BUTTER PIZZA (250Php) is made basically of melted marshmallow and chocolate chips. It's just wonderful. 
I can't stress it enough that you should also get the DONUT HOLES (195Php). These babies have dulce de leche in their holes that oozes out with each bite.
Having a warm chocolate dip gave it another dimension. It is the icing on top of the cake.

To end the meal, I am glad that RAIN TREE RESTAURANTS serve ILLY Coffee. Aside from that, their trademark Choc Nut is always there.
Thank you very much Mela for the small foodie get together. I enjoyed the chit chat and of course the food.

Chelsea Kitchen Eastwood is perfect for any one that wants a quick bite or a meeting/gathering of sorts. I could see myself bringing my family and friends and enjoying CHELSEA'S offering. Not only do they serve sharing sizes of dishes, they also make sure that they are simple, familiar and perfect for everyone. Congratulation CHELSEA KITCHEN for opening your second branch in Eastwood. Cheers!

Ground Floor
By the entrance.
Libis, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Open during Mall Hours.

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out Chelsea Kitchen. Wrote this based on my experience and opinion.
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