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Monday, September 21, 2015

I didn't know what to expect of RESTAURANT PIA DAMASO. 
It's a mix between good or just okay. Things went either way when I visited RESTAURANTE PIA DAMASO. BUT since they have been there for 8 long years, they must be doing something right.

Almost a decade, RESTAURANTE PIA DAMASO has been serving the Makati crowd. It has withstood the hands of time and has continued to serve Filipino-Spanish cuisine. The Chef Owner is actually a baker by trade and has expanded her repertoire to savory dishes. Thus, RESTAURANTE PIA y DAMASO.
The general theme of the restaurant plays with food and having them in lined with old school century dishes. 

To have a fresh start, you could go and try TUBIG NI MARIA (300Php). A mix of cucumber and oranges. 

The DUCK SALAD (350PHP)is topped with duck confit and is dashed with prune vinaigrette. This is a must try and a joy to eat. Even if I'm not a veggie eater I enjoyed it. 

Another not so familiar salad is the NGA NGA (250Php). This here is somewhat different. You put all the different parts of the salad to one of the leaves and make a roll from it. Skipped this one.  
Another salad I skipped would be the BANGUS BELLY SALAD (325Php). This one has dalandan or  citrusy vinaigrette.

They also have a long list of appetizers that one could munch on rather quickly. Albeit pricey, taste is present but quantity not so. 

FILO TARTS (220Php). Basically pork asado with caramelized apples with vinegar.  
ALBONDIGAS (175Php). Sort of like your beef and pork meat balls. 
Croquettes (160Php) are you deep fried treat. 
Roasted Veg tart (300Php). Something vegetarians would love but I would definitely skip.

I suggest you look pass the starters and go straight on the mains with some rice on hand. 

Almost looking the same the CALLOS (300Php) and LENGUA (450PHP) are two different dishes based on their main ingredients. The lengua is basically ox tongue while callos on the other hand, has ox tripe and veal shanks.

FIDEOS(360Php). Their version of fideua. Thin small noodles cooked paella styled. This dish might be a little bit similar to old school Filipino styled spaghetti. A little on the sweet side. The noodles are a bit bigger than the usual ones I am familiar with being served in Arrozeria and CDP. 

The OSTRICH (600Php)was also a dish that you don't see everyday. Given that it may be a bit tough, its taste is somewhat similar to the ones a foodie would enjoy. The sweet sauce definitely carried it. 
ODE TO HEIDELBURG (1500Php) is a German dish. Boiled pork with different sausages in tow. 

Desserts are a plenty in RESTAURANTE PIA DAMASO. I was quite impressed with their selection.
One thing note worthy is the cassava. Covered to perfection with sweet sauce, the sticky rice underneath is just there for the picking.

Given that the dishes are relatively priced a bit on the high side, I would suggest that you go for the best sellers and the desserts which is what the chef is known for. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Quality.

2nd floor
Makati City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out the restaurant and wrote this based on my experience.
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