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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Craving for something not too sweet yet perfect for the hot humid weather? I believe HONEY CREME could solve that problem.

 HONEY CREME officially opens today in SM AURA. Located on level 4 and right beside the cinema level, this small foodie stopover serves premium soft ice cream made from fresh milk. 

This brand of soft serve ice cream is popular in our neighboring countries specially since it's quite hot and humid. Although HONEY CREME first opened in Taiwan in the year 2014, it gained traction in the southeast countries. Lucky for us, they are now open to serve the FILIPINOS. 

One fascinating thing about HONEY CREME is that they go for the organic ingredients. Basically, you go there for the original soft serve ice cream and you pick their toppings. The soft serve ice cream is rich, creamy and has that right soft texture. It wasn't too sweet and it just reminds me of Sunday morning. It's like having amazing milk turned into ice cream. 
Another best seller is their HONEY COMB topping. It is just perfect for sweet tooth. 

You see, you can pick between getting your ice cream on a cup or on a cone. I would suggest that you go for the cup as it's less messy. 

If it's your first time, try the HONEYCOMB (185Php). It let's you taste the ice cream as is and allows you to temper the sweet level. The Honey Comb is super sweet. You have been warned. 

Another crowd favorite is the ROCK SALT DARK CHOCOLATE (165Php). Think fudge and it becomes a shell on top. 
The Caramel Popcorn variant on the upper right, is just all right for me.

Another sugar rush variety is the ORGANIC COTTON CANDY with AFFOGATO (185Php). The cotton candy on top is white because it is made with organic sugar without the food coloring and other preservatives. The shot of expresso added balanced out the sweet flavor.

If you are going cone, I suggest you try the ORGANIC MIXED GRAINS (185Php). I can't describe it but I enjoyed the powdery texture of the grains. If there is one that you must have and you aren't into too sweet desserts, this is a must try.

HONEY CREME is a nice welcome treat for all the sweet loving foodies in the metro. I enjoyed the rich taste of the soft serve ice cream. Honestly though, if you ask me, I will not line up if it's more than 10-15 minutes wait. It wasn't so mind blowing that I will stay there for more than that. It is a nice treat though. I would suggest that you go there on a non-peak hour or wait a couple of weeks to avoid the rush. Since they are also opening another branch in TRINOMA in the coming days, you may want to try it there too. 

4th Level Sm AURA
BGC, Taguig City, Metro Manila
Facebook of Honey Creme

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out Honey Creme. Wrote this based on my experience.
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