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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I was wondering one time and I asked myself, "What is Indonesian Cuisine?". I knew they were our neighbor geographically so I guess it was normal to take note that Filipino Food is somewhat the same with Indonesian Cuisine.

I never thought about it again until I was led to OAKWOOD'S NOSTALGIA: INDONESIAN FOOD FESTIVAL. Oakwood Hotel has a place in my heart since it was one of those few establishments that I know take cares of their patrons and their partners. Since this was going to be an event about food, surely, I will not miss it. 
The INDONESIAN FOOD FESTIVAL will only run for a couple of weeks. FROM SEPTEMBER 8-18, 2015. They made sure that the food would be authentic as they invited chefs all the way from OAKWOOD PREMIER in JAKARTA. 

Executive Chef DEDEN SUHERMAN and SOUS CHEF SULISTYO ANTONIUS made their way to the kitchens of NOSTALGIA to showcase their expertise when it comes to INDONESIAN FOOD.

For the salad section, you would notice that their offerings are quite or almost the same as with Filipino dishes. 
The use of freshly cut tomatoes along with other veggies would make any healthy foodie jump with joy.
Different veggies along with Tofu partnered with a peanut based sauce.

The food is either a little sweet and a bit spicy compared to Filipino cuisine. 
Peanuts seems to be an integral part of flavoring. 

FOR STARTERS, I would have to say that NOSTALGIA was down right awesome. Why? Well they had CHICKEN SKIN in the fray! Who wouldn't want a crispy, salty and delicious deadly appetizer?
 Alongside the chicken skin, they also had corn fritters. Perfect.

I definitely enjoyed their version of pancit or noodles. Not too salty but the use of soy to flavor it was light and I liked it. 

They also had a grilling or cooking section that made shrimps, squid and fish to satisfy your seafood cravings. 

Noticeable in the buffet is the BEEF RENDANG. I liked how it wasn't too spicy and the coconut milk definitely went well with the whole dish. 

OF course they had the CHICKEN SATAY that had a hint of the peanut sauce. Very moist and tender. 

But for me the best dish hands down is the KAMBING BAKAR SAMBAL KECAP or Roast lamb leg with Indonesian Spice and Sweet Soy Chili Sauce.
The LAMB was perfectly cooked and had a little smoky background. THE sauce used was definitely a little sweet but it made the lamb perfect.

They also had a plethora of dessert which would make any sugar lover enjoy.
 I would have to suggest that you get these small round balls. Covered with coconut shavings, they have a little surprise inside. 
THE MANGO STICKY RICE was also great. Definitely a must. 

The FOOD served was simple and straight to the point. All the dishes that I would expect from an INDONESIAN BUFFET were served. I liked how they toned the food down a little so that it won't be too spicy. The flavors though were intact and I liked it. The fact that the INDONESIAN FOOD FESTIVAL is a weekday lunch buffet and costs only 999Php nett per person, makes it attractive to foodies around the metro. Quality food for sure. 

Yes, they are both similar and different in a lot of sense.

6th Floor
Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila
17 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City
(632) 6377888

Disclaimer: Was invited to try the INDONESIAN FOOD FESTIVAL. Wrote this based on my opinion.

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  1. I don't think we have a handful of restaurants specializing in Indonesian food here in Metro Manila. It's just great that the kitchens of Nostalgia made it possible to introduce Indonesian dishes for something fresh. At a glance, I'd think these are Filipino x Malaysian food. They're worth a try for sure! :)

  2. Yeah, I was wondering about that too. I can't even name 1 resto aside from Nostalgia that would serve Indonesian Fare. Definitely worth a try