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Monday, September 7, 2015

One deadly afternoon. Full of traffic and heat. That's the vibe that Makati gives off. Nothing would make me want to go here unless if it's good food. That is what I think of ARROZERIA. And yes, I went. After my first time, (Arrozeria click here) I knew I had to return. I did more than once or twice. So I knew I was in for a treat again.

Not my first time and not my last. That is what ARROZERIA gives off. It keeps on making new things to pull us back in where the rice is the hero.

Lunch time, you get to see and appreciate the interiors better. 
From the awesome back drop.
To the bar... where delicious cocktails are made...
Such as this LA GUAPA... A sweet alcoholic concoction that would make you enjoy your day. 
and of course... the open kitchen.

It was a thrill for us to check out their new dishes. It gave us a chance to see what they had in store for us and for the patrons of ARROZERIA.

To start off, you could never go wrong with their appetizers. 

A never fail order is the TABLA DE PATES (395Php). I couldn't stop myself from getting more toasted bread and placing the terrines on top. Adding a bit of dip makes it a joy to eat. Perfect for waiting for the long cook time. 

Remember, here at ARROZERIA you would really wait for good food. You can't expect amazing dishes coming out in a jiffy. Rather, they are slowly cooked and made to perfection.
Campagne, cochinillo and mushrooms, chicken pistachio and seafood terrine. A side of black olive, parsley and porini mushroom mayonnaise. 

A new dish that would make veggie eaters rejoice is the MANCHEGA (295Php). Lettuce, manchego cheese, apple and dried fruits. A balsamic glaze makes the freshness stand out. The fruits gave it a sweeter flavor.

Having move my veggies to the side, I went for the LENGUA FRITA (380Php) instead. Deep fried angus ox tongue coated with bechamel with tartar sauce. Perfectly deep fried munchies. If you are into ox tongue, you would enjoy this as much as I did. Think fish and chips but rather than fish, you get a beefy texture. Yummy.

The ALBONDIGAS CON CHAMPINONES (375Php) is their version of meatballs. For me it was just all right. Nothing too fancy nor did the flavors swoon me in. It was just that meatballs.  Made with beef and pork, and a tomato based sauce. 

For the appetizers though, my favorite is the PIMIENTO RELLENOS (295Php). Piquillo peppers stuffed with braised ox tail. This was quite a surprise. You would think that the peppers would be fiery and hot. Rather, it wasn't. Cooked in a way to make it a little bit sweet, you would appreciate the simplicity of the dish. One bite and you have a grasp of the pepper taste, then the braised ox tail would hit you right in the middle. It got me hooked.

Of course, at ARROZERIA they have this motto. "WHERE THE RICE IS THE HERO"

Not jsut the tapas and the appetizers, they are known for their PAELLAS or rice dishes. 

You could tell how intense and how much they love doing this as they make each one fresh and upon order. So remember, when you go here be ready to order in advance or wait at least 30 minutes for your paellas or rice orders to be cooked. That is how they like it. FRESH AND DELICIOUS.

We started off with the new risotto. If you would remember previously, I raved about the FOIE GRAS RISOTTO. It was amazing and until this day, I remember it's taste. Creamy and deadly. This time around, they made something that's a little bit healthier. Just to keep us going back. 

This is the REMOLACHA Y TRIGUEROS (250Php). What gives its reddish color? It is the BEETROOT that is the base of the dish
Along with it. They made it simplier and just added green asparagus and local melted cheese. 
You won't notice that it is a bit vegetarian. Rather, you would be drawn to it because of the creamy and semi-rich texture. This got my vote. 

A saucy type of PAELLAS is the first one that was served. This I really liked as it reminded me somewhat of the usual PAELLAS served at home and in other restaurants. The difference? It's in the execution and the type of rice used. 

The CERDO ADOBADO Y BOLETUS. Basically Marinated Pork with porcini mushrooms and some greens to liven it up.

CHORIZO Y GAMBAS (750Php). This egg crusted dish is something new that would make any sane foodie rejoice. Each bite and you could get that crunchy layer of egg on top. This one has spanish chorizo and shrimps. I both adore this ingredients so I definitely enjoyed it.

For seafood aficionado, they have the ABANDA. It's a plethora of boneless fish and seafoods like mussels and shrimps. You could taste the sea with this dish.    

Something that I figured out as one of my favorites when it comes to PAELLAS is the FIDEUA or thin noodles.
Cooked similarly to PAELLAS, this uses thin noodles instead.

CALLOS is the new one that they serve. Pork, tripe and garbanzos were used. Simple ingredients bringing out the flavors of dish. Just the way I like it.

 DESSERTS are the rewards for finishing a meal. That is what I always believe in. 

ARROZERIA tries to make the most and creates visually stunning desserts.
TARTA DE CHOCOLATE (195Php). Chocolate tart with whipped cream and chocolate crumbs. A chocoholic's heaven.

TOCINILLO DEL CIELO (250Php). The egg yolk flan was perfect. Not too sweet and has a smooth texture. The raspberry foam though was a little too sour. The flan wasn't able to cope up with the taste and got overpowered. 

I think the CALAMANSI SEMIFRIO (225Php) is a nice way to end the meal. As calamansi is a little citrusy, it cleans the taste away. Having it with mango sauce and mint jelly is a little bit weird but it works.

ARROZERIA is one of the restaurants situated in MAKATI that would make me travel and brave the traffic. Their tapas and appetizers alone would make me happy. More so the PAELLAS. Definitely a must visit when in Century City Mall. Just be sure you allot time as great things such as the food they serve would warrant it. Cheers ARROZERIA and awesome job as always

4th Floor, Century City Mall,
Makati City, Metro Manila.

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out their dishes.
Wrote this based on my experience and biases. Yes, I did enjoy it a lot that I'm planning to return. Cheers.
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