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Friday, October 9, 2015

On a weekday, I braved travelling all the way to Makati for good food and great companionship. I wasn't going to be stuck in traffic alone for no good reason. It was one of those days that I was craving. Seriously. Thank God that a friend was there with me. A boss in the kitchen if you must, CHEF ERICA of 49B Heirloom Fame went out with me for a mini FOOD TRIP. I met this girl on a shoot for a local television show (Poptalk Experience). Being the small foodie world that we all live in, I actually knew her brother from high school. Pretty Cool. 

Since she doesn't know anything much about the resto world of today, I gladly suggested we go on a food trip for her to try the new things in the metro. One that we would not forget anytime soon.

The first part of the trip was visiting CENTURY CITY MALL. When it comes to food, this mall is synonymous to HOLE IN THE WALL. A Canteen Like feel place that has mini restos in it. It currently houses around 9 different food establishments. From desserts to mains, you have a large variety of food here. This time around we tried out food from 3 crowd favorites.


BAD BIRD known for their umami tasting deep fried birds was a little disappointing. The pieces of chicken were a bit smaller than before and that the flavor was just meh. The dirty rice was almost like chahan. We did enjoy the corn though.

For MR. DELICIOUS, we went for the PASTRAMI REUBEN. One look and your jaw would definitely drop. Slices of pastrami with coleslaw like veggies inside the perfect type of bread. It soaks all the juices without really giving away its form. One thing to note though, the pastrami isn't as peppery as you might expect. But this is quality.

The favorite though would be THE BEEF'S CHEESEBURGER. This baby right here is spot on in every way.
Simple and deadly. Although it was a little salty for me, the burger patty was cooked perfectly. It tasted what a burger should taste like. None of those artificial plasticy flavors. One thing to note though, the fries could use some work. It was a bit soggy and soft. 

As I mentioned, HOLE IN THE WALL is like your ordinary canteen that serves exceptional dishes. The variety and the choices they give to the foodie crowd is impressive. Although not all the mini establishments are worth the visit, I could say that I would definitely go back for MR DELICIOUS and THE BEEF.

Kalayaan Ave, Makati,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience and opinion. Paid for our meal.
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  1. This is really a great food court. We've been there twice and I can't still help but feel amazed by the interior design and the diversity of food. The Pastrami Reuben looks huge and I can surely bet it's tasty! :)

  2. Yeah, it's a nice place to go when you can't decide what to get. the Pastrami Reuben is pretty tasty and huge. Hard to finish one!