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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Once in a blue moon, I believe that we need to have something healthy in our lives. Granted that I'm not really into organic and veggie dishes, HEALTHY EATS  in MAKATI left an impression on me.
Opened for roughly 4 years now, it is serving healthy dishes for the health conscious.  Located in MediCard Lifestyle Center, it occupies 2 floors. 
Their ground floor has a shop that sells different organic and healthy paraphernalia. From Kale snacks, to different tea and a variety of flavored salts.
The second floor is where their Cafe sees action. 
This contraption greeted me as I walked towards my table. I believe this is their heavy duty juicer. The one that makes their juice creations come to life. 
To start the meal right, I was able to try their Healing Juice Shots. Basically, drinks that are enzyme filled and at its fullest. No water, no ice, no sugar.
The C BLAST (100Php for two shots) is your orange, lime, lemon, ginger, raw wild honey, and cinnamon. It had a citrusy flavor that could give you a vitamin C boost. 
And since I do love to drink from time to time, the LIVER CLEANSE (110Php for two shots), was given to me. It basically has pineapple, carrot, beetroot, and lime. I was a little hesitant in trying this out as I don't like the muddy taste of the beetroot. Thankfully, it was very minimal and was somewhat all right to take in. I would suggest that you just pucker up and give it a go.
In case you're not into it, you could go for a KEFIR SMOOTHIE (150Php). A kefir smoothie is a drink that utilize fermentation that helps in digestion. 
I chose the Wild Organic Blueberry (150Php). Freshly made blueberries that makes my tastebuds jump for joy.  
The highlight of the day would be the SEA FARM RAISED BANGUS RELLANO. This one right here made it to my list of to try. The bangus or Milkfish was elevated with the way they served the dish. It wasn't that salty and each bite was tasty. Noting that this is probably one of their most affordable dishes on the menu, I can no see why. Accompanied with organic rice, the flavor of the bangus works well. It's like going back to basics. 
For pizza lovers, they have the Skizza. These are pan-grilled skinny pizza that is topped with organic pesto dressing, organic veggies and kesong puti. 
Since I can't get rid of the meat lover in me, I had the FARM & BARN (280Php) which let's you add your choice of meat.
The addition of the chorizo iberico made me happy. As this ham is somewhat of a treat. The dough base could be improved more. Personally, I would like it to be more flaky and crunchy with each bite. 
For desserts, they serve a variety of sugar free and gluten free dishes. 
I went for their SANS RIVAL like dessert. It's colored brown because they made use of coconut sugar. One bite in and I guess they went over the top. The dessert was a bit too sweet for me. This would be perfect for those with a sweet tooth but need not worry about the sugar content.

Needless to say, HEALTHY EATS MAKATI left an impression on me. It made me think and look twice at organic and healthy dishes. I guess they could be delicious in their own right. Of course, a burger is a burger and salad is a salad. Two different things still. With prices ranging from 100Php to 200Php, you could definitely have your healthy fill here. Next time around, I wouldn't mind trying out their gluten free waffles, panini, and pastas. 

Ground floor MediCard Lifestyle Center
51 Paseo de Roxas Cor Senator Gil Puyat Ave.
Urdaneta Village Makati.
(02) 812 7323
Free parking at the back and underneath.
Remember to follow Traffic regulations
No Uturn on Gil Puyat so go via Jupiter
or Paseo.

Disclaimer: was invited to try out the dishes, wrote this based on my experience. This was formerly called Sugarleaf Makati and was renamed and re-branded into HEALTHY EATS.
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  1. Lovely photos, kuya! Akala ko nagkamali ako ng blog. hahaha. Healthy living na ah. :P

  2. uhmmmm no comment... LOL! Just enjoying and of course trying out new things.