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Friday, October 23, 2015

Since I'm from Quezon City and traffic has been bad lately, I figured that I should try different restaurants within reach, rather than waste my time and effort to drive and get stuck on the road for an average of 1-2 hours and find myself complaining about it. One foodie neighborhood nearby that I have always had an eye on is the TOMAS MORATO AREA. Recently, a lot of restaurants are popping up in this district. One of them is 49 B HEIRLOOM KITCHEN. 

Nestled in a Quezon City residential area, 49 B HEIRLOOM KITCHEN, is not your ordinary hole in the wall restaurant. They offer affordable home cooked meals straight from the heart. Given that the parking space is limited, it is still worthy of a visit for a foodie craving for old school dishes. 
As you enter, they have a "garage" area where people could wait for tables or have a quick smoke.  
The ground floor could accommodate 18 diners while the top floor have room for 40. 
If you are with the elderly, I suggest that you reserve table downstairs. Some would say that the stairs are a bit steep but I believe the restaurant did their best in fixing this and is a none issue for the fit and hungry foodies. Washrooms are located both on the 2nd and ground floor so no need to go up and down.
IN all honesty, I have heard a lot about this restaurant. Aside from the different tv shows that featured it, some of my foodie buddies from the south have already gotten out of their way just to try the food here. I was pretty excited because of the dishes and also because of another thing.

Chef Erica and her Family runs the 49B Heirloom Kitchen. If you would remember, this straight to the point girl was one of my partners in one of the episodes of POPTALK (click here). In any case, let's see what she had in store for us. 

Right off the bat, she started to serve her awesome appetizer. This right here is the SQUASH FLOWER FRITTERS (210Php). Deep fried squash flowers stuffed with herb cheddar cheese and served with marinara sauce.
This was the BOMB! I mean, I don't really eat veggies and I guess flowers could be considered as such but I tell you this dish is awesome. Maybe because the cheese the chef used gave off that amazing flavor that brings you back to your childhood. Seriously though, I didn't bother with the marinara sauce as I enjoyed the flower fritter on its own. A must order at 49B Heirloom Kitchen. 
If you are an all day breakfast kind of guy, PAPA's TAPA FRIED RICE (210Php) is your top choice. Hands down. Beef Sirloin cured with secret rub and served with homemade pickled papaya or atchara. 
Unlike other places, here, they made sure that the TAPA MEAT is also mixed in the rice itself. Making it more flavorful. The meat is tender and it isn't too sweet so it is also a nice try. 

Another rice dish that they are known for are their PAELLAS. This time around, they had us try the PAELLA VALENCIA (355/580Php).
Rice cooked and served generously with pork, chicken and seafood. This one is like your epic fried rice that has everything but the kitchen sink. One favorite part though would have to be the "socarrat" or the burnt bits from the paella. Be sure to look for them.

Chicken lovers would have a field day with the TAMARIND ROAST CHICKEN (345PHP). Half chicken served with tamarind gravy and roasted vegetables.
Needless to say, I skipped the veggies and went straight for the chicken. Flavor coming from the tamarind was evident as the chicken meat absorbed it quite well. 

If I would be going back to 49 B HEIRLOOM, it would be because of the SINIGANG NA LECHON (420PHP). You read that right. Lechon skin, meat and bones were simmered to make that broth both delicious and excellent. Basically, it is a tamarind soup with string beans, gabi, radish, and eggplant.
The broth was thick and definitely has that perfect sour taste. Don't get me started with the meat. I was pretty lucky as I got a bunch of them and also the skin. With a spoonful of plain rice, I was sold. I believe that the lechon along with its bones made the soup taste as awesome as it was. Delicious.

I did mention that I had another reason to be excited about this visit and I didn't forget to tell you about it. I'm thrilled because this is where the second episode of The Pickiest Eater was shot. If you haven't watched the first one then you are missing on something huge. Check the first Webpisode here (Click here). UNFORTUNATELY, you might even get to see me or not. I don't know if I made the cut.
Richie with his amazing hand job on the SINIGANG na Lechon while sir Mark of Muvo Media does his magic.

Alongside Richie, is Chef Erica, the ever foodie loving person that she is treated us to a lot lot more. 
Before I forget, you should never leave without trying MARY ANN'S CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (125+50Php). Chewy insides while it has a crunch on the other edges, this cookie is perfect to dip in milk or paired with ice cream.
I thought that the food was all served when all of a sudden, this beauty of a pig comes up and shows itself from no where.  No time for food coma. This is the CARNIVORE. 
From LEONARDO'S LECHON, this sexy thing is the perfect roasted pig. You see, LEONARDO'S LECHON is owned by the cousin of Chef Erica, Nards. Nards made sure that the afternoon was festive and light heavy with this big baby. Leonardo's Lechon has been serving the masses for almost 70 years so you can be sure of the taste, excellence and the experience they bring with these huge roasted pig.
From a far, you could already smell the meat. You could hear the crisp roast skin. Ohhhh I die.
When they chopped the pig in half, something magical came out. As I mentioned, this is the CARNIVORE LECHON. It is named such because it was stuffed with sausages and more sausages wrapped with bacon and herbed potatoes. This is plain deadly.
Don't get me started with the crazy lechon skin. It's like sausage heaven made crispier. 

Another thing that I liked about LEONARDO'S LECHON is that they make use of everything. The pig's blood that came from the roasted pig was made into DINUGUAN.
DINUGUAN or PORK BLOOD STEW is made from the different guts/intestine and other part of the pig. It is perfect with a cup of steamed rice. The original nose to tail. Nothing is left behind.

That day shall always be remembered. It was something that I truly enjoyed. 49B HEIRLOOM offers comfort food while LEONARDO'S LECHON brings the big guns. 49B HEIRLOOM is a perfect place for a mini party as you could close down the 2nd floor and reserve the place all to yourself while enjoying the food and the clean ambiance. LEONARDO'S meanwhile offers a different take on the usual lechon with its stuffed CARNIVORE version. Perfect for the coming Christmas Season.

Now, I can't wait for Richie's New Webpisode. ARGHHH!!!!!!

49B Scout Tobias St cor
Scout Fuentebella. Near Tomas Morato and Timog Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Parking is available on the street. 
Opens at 11am Closed on Mondays.

89 J. BASA St. San Juan
Metro Manila
(02) 724 3068 / (02) 725 8618 / (02) 725 6071
0917 8833391

Disclaimer: was invited to try out these dishes. Wrote this based on my experience and biases.

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