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Friday, November 6, 2015

And yet again, I find myself alone and yearning for something filling and delicious. Since I was in BGC, VILLAGE TAVERN, made the most sense to go to. I figured that since, I had a discount card, I could buy food for myself and also for my family. So hello, VILLAGE TAVERN.
What started just a couple of days back, VILLAGE TAVERN'S Chef Josh made a new line of burgers to entice new and old customers to come back and enjoy VILLAGE TAVERN. Not just any burgers but WAGYU PREMIUM Burgers.
Once I entered the place, I just went for the nearest table. For a Tuesday lunch time, the place suddenly filled up pretty quickly. There are three different areas in Village Tavern, the outside al fresco area, the bar area and the couch and family area inside. If the weather permits, go for the outside area. It's pretty chill.
They start you off with some bread and olive oil. I would love to get more of this but I stopped myself since I know I will be in for a treat.
I also got a MANGO MOJITO (95/175Php)! This is their best cocktail. Hands down! The sweetness of the mangoes goes well with the mojito blend. If you're wondering why I placed two prices, its because when you order cocktails before 7pm, you get to have them only at 95Php! Isn't it awesome! Beers go for 30% off too. 
I'll be honest, this isn't my first time to go to VILLAGE TAVERN and aside from the cocktails, I also go here for the Pizza. This BLACK PIZZA (575Php) is my favorite. The mix of the parmesan, gruyere and mozzarella  goes pretty well with the green peppers and the pepperoni.
Honestly from what I taste, the black color, I guess is just there for presentation. But what the heck, I loveee the cheese.
Speaking of cheese, I got another pizza. Something new, the THREE CHEESE and SMOKED BACON FLATBREAD (425Php)
This flat bread pizza has a different texture from the Black Pizza. It has a more crunchier texture. In terms of flavor, I enjoyed the American, cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan mix. The Jalapeno pepper gave flavor but it wasn't too spicy for my taste.The Applewood Smoked Bacon is just that. LOVE.
Since I'm a good brother, I got the MONTEREY CHICKEN (550Php) for him. It's a half chicken that's grilled and topped with mornay cheese sauce. The fact that it has bacon on top made it a must try. I liked how the chicken meat is pretty moist and the cheese sauce really went with it.
 But, I was there to try something new. HELLO BURGERS.

Even if there are 4 new burgers, I was only able to order two just because they're the ones took my fancy.
Say hello to the OCTOBERFEST (675Php). Swiss Cheese, braised red onions and served with beer mustard.
First impression of the burger is that it is epicly huge. The beef patty is humongous. The bun was lathered with butter and as such toasty. The cheese perfect and the onions nicely done. The beer mustard is a revelation. It was the perfect on the side condiment. It had the right zing to it. Not too sweet and just right. My only gripe was the fries. It was a little too normal for something like this. I mean this is an awesome burger and all but I guess I would preferred a bigger cut fries like a potato wedge. I mean, my personal preference so, it's really up to you.

Also, when you order, advise the staff how you would like your burger to be cooked. Medium is the way to go.
 Another burger that I chose was the WALDORF (625Php). A classic mix of apples, celery, walnuts, and St Nectaire Cheese.
If you're into the waldorf salad, you would dig this burger. The mix gave it a more mayo vibe with a different bite because of the nuts and celery.
Aside from these two, they also offer a MEXICAN version with chilli and a MONTE CARLO with prosciutto.
VILLAGE TAVERN in BGC made my day by having everything I would love in one restaurant. From pizzas, to burgers and even drinks. Having 95Php cocktails and partnering them with delicious food made my stay a happy one. Yes, having a discount card help as prices are a bit on the high side. But remember, you pay for the quality of the food you eat. Cheers.

High Street Central,
BGC, Taguig City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was given GC's to use but paid for the excess and used my premier discount card bought at my expense. Wrote this based on my experience and opinion.
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