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Friday, February 5, 2016

I was running late. I forgot to tell my driver not to pass by Quiapo as it was a Friday. I only woke up when we were in the mix already. I was actually pretty excited as I remember fondly of my Market Cafe experience in what used to be the Hyatt Hotel. That was back in 2013. It was an unforgettable experience. Market Cafe is pretty awesome and you could check it out here. After a rebranding, it turned into the NEW WORLD MANILA BAY HOTEL.

For this particular visit, I was treated to LI LI. This is the in house Chinese Restaurant of NEW WORLD MANILA BAY HOTEL. Once I stepped out of the elevator, I can't help but adore the different appointed booths and private function rooms for the diners.
Since Chinese New Year is coming up, LI LI wanted to let us try their Chinese New Year Menu. Different dishes that push prosperity and luck for everyone. 
We first started out with the JAPANESE CONPOY SOUP with Abalone Shell and Seafood and bamboo pith. Just saying the name of the soup is a mouthful. And yet, I enjoyed how it warms up your tummy and makes your prepared for the feast ahead.
One of my favorite Chinese dishes is the SUCKLING PIG with JELLY FISH.
Accompanied by "pancakes", the skin was crispy and the meat was tender. With just a dab of hoisin sauce, and you are good to go.
The next dish is somewhat unusual for me. This is the BRAISED DRIED OYSTER with SEA MOSS.
The oysters were huge and had a savory flavor. The sea moss actually represents luck and prosperity. It absorbs the flavors in which it is cooked. Kinda like angel hair pasta if you ask me.
Another delectable dish would be the WOK-BAKED cod fillet glazed with honey pepper sauce. Accompanied by crunchy strips, the cod was masterfully cooked in a sweet peppery sauce that highlighted its flavor.
The Bouillon Scallop with shrimp mousse is not to be missed. The scallop flavor is evident in the ball like dish alongside with the mouse.
As with any Chinese Feast, rice is served towards the end of the meal. This is FRIED GLUTINOUS RICE with AIR-DRIED MEAT.
The rice is awesome. A little sticky and definitely flavorful. You will just hear your tummy be growling as this is a little heavy.
For dessert, we had some TIKOY and BUCHI. These are the PAN-Fried Glutinous rice cake with sesame balls. Delicious.
If that wasn't enough we had the famous CHILLED MANGO PUDDING.
Pudding on the bottom, fresh mango on top. With syrup and milk. Plus a crunchy delight. YUMMY!
If you are in the Malate area, LI LI at the NEW WORLD MANILA BAY HOTEL is something that will not let you down. For the Chinese New Year, you won't go wrong with any of these dishes. Simple and straight forward.

My Market Cafe Sunday Brunch

Chinese Restaurant of New World Manila Bay Hotel
1588 Pedro Gil; Cor MH Del Pilar St.
Manila City, Metro Manila.
(632) 2526888

Disclaimer:Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out these dishes.
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