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Saturday, February 6, 2016

 I'm not really a drinker. Well, I was in a past life. Since an unfortunate incident left me on the side lines, I rarely get to enjoy alcohol until one night.THE MACALLAN RARE CASK Event.

The MACALLAN RARE CASK event was held in BLACK BIRD. If you aren't familiar, Black Bird is a restaurant located in the former airport tower found in Makati. The Nielson was renovated a year or so back to this grandiose restaurant and bar.

Even if I arrived a little bit past my bed time, I still found the MACALLAN an excellent drink.
 This particular event showcased the different MACALLAN drinks but more importantly it was introducing the RARE CASK into the market.
  Granted that this MACALLAN RARE CASK is a bit on the expensive side at around $500 a bottle more or less, it is still an incredible single malt. Made with distinction and luxurious flavors, the MACALLAN RARE CASK is something soothing and enjoyable. It has a smooth and exquisite taste. No wonder a lot has been clamoring for MACALLAN in the market.
Drinking it straight up or on the rocks is the way to go but for others mixing it into a cocktail makes it the perfect drink. For me, I did enjoy my Old Fashioned Made with MACALLAN that night. The citrus flavor matched well with the single malt whisky.
 The night was young and with an amazing dj, it was just getting started. Alas, age is getting the best of me and I had to retire early. Cheers.

Makati Ave, Ayala Triangle
Makati City, Metro Manila
Facebook Page of Macallan

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. wrote this based on my experience.
The first two photos from the top are not mine but the rest are.
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