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Monday, February 29, 2016

Whisky has been a drink that has been viewed as a liquor of the elites. Some would say that it's quite difficult to grasp the flavors and yet others just go for it because it's fun. A night out could be more than just drinks but can also be about company of friends, family and lovers.
A few nights within this month, the OAKROOM offers WHISKY APPRECIATION. It is somewhat an intimate yet casual affair. In a series of events, the OAKROOM of OAKWOOD Hotel is serving up excellent whiskys and having everyone taste a bit of everything.

As you enter, welcome cocktails are served.
This specific one was made with a shot of Glenfarclas 105.
Before the program started at around 730pm, different hors d'oeuvres were served.
From this mini shrimp salad to buffalo wings and other delicious small bites. It was also great to note that they had a lot of bar chow like nuts and chips to keep your mouth happy.

The program started close to 8pm just to get everyone settled down. Mr. Gerald Savigny was the speaker for the night. He was able to give a few tidbits and tips on how and what to look for. The pacing was alright and it was perfect for around 2 hours of slow drinking.
Each of the participants were given cheat sheets. The notes were spot on and very helpful.
In between drinks, finger foods were served just so that it helps the coating of your stomach. Oily dishes cover up the lining and help taper down the absorption of the alcohol. So the effects of it are delayed.

The night ended almost around 11pm. The drinks were smooth and gave different experiences. That night, a total of 7 different Whiskys were served. A great experience indeed.
For those that would want to experience this, fret not. This coming March 17, 2016 , the OAKROOM would have the JAPANESE WHISKY APPRECIATION night. This would be an amazing time in experiencing Japanese Whisky.
At around 1,500 Php nett, this is an event that is perfect for everyone.

When in Ortigas, the Oakroom of Oakwood would be the go to place for Whisky. From Scottish, Japanese, Irish, and even Indian Whisky, the OAKROOM can definitely deliver. 

For reservations, please call (63-2)719 1160 (direct line) or (63-2) 637 7888 / 910 8888 or email

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OAKROOM of Oakwood
6th Floor
OAKWOOD Premier Joy-Nostalg Center
17 ADB Avenue., Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. The first image seen here is not mine. Was invited to try out the event.
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