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Friday, February 26, 2016

If there was one store that was definitely worth your money it's HOT-STAR Large Fried Chicken. Hot Star entered the Filipino Food Scene a couple of years back with their very first store somewhere near Macapagal Avenue in Pasay. Now, they have branched out with different branches in the Metro Manila. In other countries, HOT-STAR would usually be a kiosk but for us Filipinos they made it into a full pledge fast food restaurant.
One weekday lunch, I visited the HOT STAR branch in Cubao. Located in the SPARK'S Place, this hidden gem is quiet and serene. Come Lunch time though, people from different offices nearby converge to this particular branch because the food prices are perfect.
Since they were offering more than the usual and had new items, I tried them out with the old favorites. One dish that got my attention right there and then was the BBQ CHICKEN SKIN (45Php).

Really crunchy and has a little sweet taste because of the sauce. Believe me when I say that this is a meal in itself. You could have it as a snack or partner it with the Sticky Rice.
Something new on the menu is their CHICKEN CUTS. These are chicken pieces that are in their usual form. Unlike the large signature chicken, they serve. These only come in original and crispy varieties. I got some and partnered them with their Spag Meal. It was decent.

One thing on the menu that got me hooked was the FISH BURGER (85Php ala carte). Made with cream dory fish, this one had a smooth texture. Topped with honey mustard sauce, I liked the sweetness it gave.

Of course, what is a visit to HOT STAR without having their HUGE CHICKEN? I got the ORIGINAL flavor and the RED HOT (145Php Ala Carte)

The original were seasoned with salt and pepper. The texture was pretty crunchy and the size was enormous. It's usually as big as one's face. As for the RED HOT, I was actually pleased since it wasn't as spicy as one would expect. It was just right. Believe it or not when I eat at HOT STAR, I usually take the leftovers and have them for breakfast. Perfect.
Since these chicken cuts were so huge, it is best to share it with someone. A few of my friends would order one huge chicken and a couple of rice and just share it. Cost efficient for lunch if you tell me.
The fact that you can also have unlimited gravy makes it a joy to eat too.
HOT STAR is a Fast Food Restaurant that offers amazing deals on FRIED CHICKEN. IF you love em, this is a place to visit and have your chicken fix on. Perfect for a quick meal.

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Second Floor, Spark Place, P. Tuazon Boulevard Corner 10th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to visit Hot Star.
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