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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

 What a surprise. I wasn't expecting it but I received something in the mail. It was samples of ORELL'S BANANA THINS. These babies were made from saba bananas that were locally sourced. Yep, proudly Philippine Made.
When I opened the bottle. The aroma of caramelized banana fry entered my senses. I tried one and it was so good. It doesn't have that oily flavor nor is it overly sweet. Every bite was crunchy and delicious.

For those who are asking, sorry but I won't be able to share my stash with you guys because I can easily finished one bottle in a couple of days.
  A 200mg plastic bottle like is priced at 170Php. Just about right if you ask me.
If you are going to order, the minimum number is 24 jars. Delivery takes around 3-5 days within Metro Manila and longer outisde. I suggest you get a hold of them and ask how to do it. It is pretty could and I am proud that it is Filipino Made.

For orders:
Mark Raymund Casino
09173286275 (viber and sms)
(632) 585 6286

Disclaimer: Was given samples to try out. Wrote this based on my experience.
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