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Friday, March 18, 2016

LIBERTY in EASTWOOD has barely opened its doors and yet it is making foodies rave about the food. Located in the Citywalk area of Eastwood, Liberty hails from the same group of Lola Cafe.
Chef Jonvic of Lola Cafe fame has curated and created different dishes and with the help of his staff from the old OTKB in BGC, Heading the Restaurant is Executive Chef Lady Merhi.
LIBERTY prides itself with having most of its dishes priced at around 100Php to around 250Php.
The presentation and the quality of the dishes are definitely top notch.
I would definitely say that vegetables aren't really my thing but the FRENCH BEANS (99Php) are spot on delicious. They do not taste like veggies. Rather, they are a snack even a kid would love. The batter used has a hint of salted egg. Crunchy and a must order.
For something that would stimulate your appetite more, the TUNA TOSTADA (220Php) is something that is refreshing. The watermelon, the tuna and the lardo works well together.
The WAGYU TARTARE (250Php) is one deadly dish.
The marrow is used as the agent that gave the tartare a creamy texture.
For some quick grubs, the BAOS would be the excellent choice.
For something familiar, the MISO PORK BELLY (99Php) could start you off. Apple and pear kimchi with honey miso dressing. The pork belly is thick yet very moist and tender.
My favorite bao though would be the FRIED CHICKEN (99Php). The thigh meat is marinated and deep fried. Sriracha mayo is used alongside the cabbage slaw. This is by far, the best "Chicken Sandwich" I had in a long time.
Burger lovers need not fret. The LIBERTY BURGER (110Php) would be your pick. Angus beef is used and is given more flavor from the house barbecue sauce. Kesong Puti stands in as the cheese of choice.
SKEWERS is another part of the menu that diners might want to indulge in. 
Ranging from 50Php to 195Php per dish, the quality and the flavor profile of the different skewers are incredible. You can go for chicken parts, meat, seafood, and vegetables. My top pick would have to be the BLACK COD (195Php). This is somewhat a poor man's version of NOBU's. The miso glazed flavor is incredible. This and rice and you are good to go.
If you are somewhat adventurous, you could go for the CHEFS PLATTER (430Php). Here, the chef makes a platter selection on his own. Two types of chicken, meat, seafood and vegetables are served.
For mains you could choose between noodles and rice. 
For noodles, the SPICY and SOUR SOUP (233Php) could warm up your tummy.
The pares taste was somewhat present with the SMOKED BEEF BRISKET (245Php). Mustard greens, 63C egg, and meat just makes this dish. Egg noodles were also used here.
For rice, the HONEY PORK and SPICY RICE (225Php) would be a wise choice. The pork belly was moist and cooked slowly. The kimchi flavor from the rice blended well with the pork belly.
For someone with a sweet tooth, dessert is a must.
The Cheesecake is something that looks simple but the black sesame crumbs makes it different from others that I have tasted.
Matcha lovers, the MATCHAMACALLIT is not to be missed. Matcha chocolate, peanut butter crisps, and torched meringue were mixed and matched to look like a after school treat.
Drinks are also well curated. From flavored beer to imaginative cocktails, the bar at LIBERTY makes amazing drinks.
Personally, I would go back for the ALMOND CINNAMON and the LYCHEE FLAVORED BEER! SOOO GOOOD!
LIBERTY BAR and RESTAURANT in EASTWOOD CITYWALK is a welcome treat for us northerners. The imagination of Chef Jonvic and the execution of Executive Chef Lady Merhi made the dishes here incredible. The Asian flavors were well represented in the dishes. The prices are also affordable. The quality of the dishes are excellent as well. I would definitely be back for the black cod, french beans, the baos, and the drinks.

Lola Cafe in Tomas Morato

Eastwood Citywalk 1
Eastwood City, Quezon City
Metro Manila
Currently, they are on soft opening. Open from 3pm onwards for the first few weeks.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the different dishes from Liberty.
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  1. That's a lot of food! I would love to try this place soon, it looks interesting. :P

  2. ... :) so good !!!! They cooked it pretty well :)