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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

 Rice and Dough in Venice Grand Canal is the just the restaurant I have been looking for. It specializes on serving carbs on carbs on carbs. To put it simply, their best sellers are pizzas and sushi rolls.
Located in the newly opened Venice Grand Canal in McKinley Hill, Taguig, this is one of the few restaurants that first opened in the new Venice Like Mall.
 Everything seems grand and straight forward. It reminded me of TORCH but they have more pizzas and rolls that scream new. Why Torch? Well, It is one of their newest concept.

The meal must start with PARMECORN ON A COB. Grilled, butter, cayenne, and parmesan. Grilled Corn can never go wrong.
Proscuitto in Focaccia is also a genius starter. The mozzarella cheese and tomatoes along with prosciutto worked well with one another. Simple yet so good.
For more mini bites, the TRUFFLE BACON CHEESEBURGER sushi works. Bacon cheeseburger with truffle oil. You could smell the truffle from a mile away. It didn't over power the flavor of the burger.
Another great dish is the NORI CHICKEN WINGS. These are crispy, nori coated wings with honey mustard sauce. Each bite gives you a sweet taste and yet there is a little bit of spicy aftermath.
After going through the motion, PIZZA must be ordered.
If you want to be safe, you would go for the TARTUFATA. Basically Bacon, peppers and cheese with truffle oil. A white type of pizza, if you will and you can never go wrong with truffle and bacon. The FUNGHI pizza is a mix of mushrooms and gorgonzola. It was okay. Among these though, I enjoyed the PROSCIUTTINA most. The prosciutto gave the pizza a saltier edge with balanced out the peppers and the brie.

Also, you could make your own pizza. A checklist with different ingredients are given to the diners. From there, they could pick whatever they want to put on it. Be creative and enjoy.

 Moving on to my personal favorite, SUSHI!
The WORLD WAR ROLL has a unique presentation. Rarely do you see sushi being served with fire. The roll has soft shell crab, kani, tamago, unagi, shrimps and tuna.
My top pick though would be the PERFECT CATCH. Raw salmon and cream cheese rolled over panko crumbs with bonito flakes. The salmon worked well with cream cheese just like LOX. If you are familiar with this spread, it is usually used for bagels but this time around it is with rice. Delicious!
For the very first time in Metro Manila and in recent history, you could also make your own SUSHI. Be creative and just tick the box of whatever you may want to put in.
For the mains, RICE and DOUGH has a lot to offer.
 The Seared Sea Bass had a garlic miso butter as the sauce. It gives off a sweet taste. The fish meat itself was cooked perfectly and was served moist.
 For meat lovers, you could go for their Baby Back Ribs or RIBEYE STEAK. The Baby Back Ribs are fall off the bones. They have a smoky flavor and must be eaten with rice.
For the Steak, it is cooked table side. You could be assured on how it is served since it is done right in front of the diners. Definitely no over doness.

Rice and Dough is a restaurant concept that is a dream come true for me and for carb lovers. Pizza and sushi are usually part of one category of food that you could only pick one from. With this restaurant though, it is best to order them together. The more the merrier.

G/F Venice Grand Canal
McKinley Hill, Taguig City
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the food in RICE and DOUGH.
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  1. Whoa! All these dishes look amazing! I think dining in at Rice and Dough will be another reason why people should visit the Venice Grand Canal at McKinley Hill. There's so many new restaurants to try. This one is promising. I'm coming for World War Sushi! :)