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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

  Diamond Hotel in Manila has been in the forefront of introducing themed buffets in the metro. Currently Corniche, the in house buffet restaurant, is offering SPANISH CUSINE to its diners.

 In celebration of MADRID FUSION MANILA, they now have FIESTA DE SABORES ESPANOLES. A Spanish food Festival serving authentic Spanish cuisine from April 4 to 10, 2016. Priced at Php 2,580 nett for both lunch and dinner, you are assured of delicious dishes that gives you a tour of the world. This time around CORNICHE focused on Spanish Cuisine.
During dinner Chef Edgar Sanuy, a chef with food in his blood and numerous culinary awards including the Chef of the Year 2013 in Hong Kong, toured the media around and explained the Spanish dishes in the buffet. The different Spanish delicacies were specifically chosen to give the diner a wonderful experience.
 You could start off with some small bites just to get your groove on.
Different type of cheese and cured cuts of meat were curated to give that Spanish feel.
Other than that Gazpacho, Green Salad and even this soup version of almond partnered with grapes would definitely titillate the senses. Do not miss the Eggplant Escalivada with pine nuts. It was perfect with the meat dishes.
Opting for ceviche is easy as one tow and three. The staff would gladly make you any seafood version to your heart's content.
A lot of hot dishes were also offered. Croquettes made from mushroom is just the tip of the iceberg.
 Clams were also cooked to perfection.
 Aside from the Cod, Callos or Tripe and chicken legs, the marinated lamb skewers would make your tummy jump for joy.
The main attraction of any night would be this glorious COCHINILLO or roasted suckling pig. The meat is soft and tender while the skin is crunchy.
 A Spanish treat will not be complete without PAELLA. This time around, DIAMOND HOTEL served a seafood version.
Dessert is also another perfect example of why you should give this buffet a try. It expresses the culinary flavors of Spanish Cuisine.

 From churros to a fried pudding bread and even something close to our own version of kakanin or sticky rice.
DIAMOND HOTEL in MANILA definitely did wonders to its food lineup with the FIESTA DE SABORES ESPANOLES. Aside from the Indian, Japanese, Chinese, and other stations, the buffet at CORNICHE offers a lot of choices. The dishes were done perfectly. The flavors were simple yet spot on delicious. Cheers.

Diamond Hotel: Mexican Food Fest

Roxas Blvd cor. J Quintos St.
Manila City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this base on my experience. Was invited to this event.
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Written by Lovely

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