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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

When  I got home one Saturday, I was delighted to see that I received something in the mail. It was a blue envelope that would make my week. An invitation to GREY GOOSE GRASTRONOMIQUE was sent on over and of course I accepted. A night of immense vodka pleasure partnered with delicious dishes created by BLACKBIRD in MAKATI.
Fast forward to that night, and the place was rocking. Blackbird in Makati transformed itself to an all blue event. Blue is a color that gets you in the mood. It is also the colors of GREY GOOSE.

As everyone settled down, cocktails were served. This particular event is a launch for their GREY GOOSE VX. It is their amazing vodka with a little bit of cognac. Interesting flavors and makes everything warm and fuzzy inside.
The liquor in itself is pretty good but it also works with different mixes to make amazing cocktails.
Mixed with cucumber slush or used to make an amazing martini, the GREY GOOSE works really well.
After a few drinks, everyone was ushered to the dining area and we were treated to a gastronomique adventure.

Very moody but having a bluish hue the place was elegant and perfect.
Right from the start, BLACKBIRD made an amazing impression.
The AHI POKE was delicious. Not too heavy and fresh. The flavor was there and the crispy rice underneath made the mouth feel lovely. It reminds me a sushi roll that was deconstructed.
The OCEAN TROUT salad was okay. I'm not really into salads. The fish had a smoky taste. The greens though needed more flavor as the beetroot and the wasabi horseradish cream lacks the push.
On the other hand, the CRUSPY CRAD and salt cod cake was amazing. This deep fried dish was delicious. The pear and celeriac remoulade was perfect with the tarragon anchovy aioli.
The LOBSTER was perfectly done. Butter and bacon roasted lobster. The bacon, and by that I mean the lobster, was delicious. Partnered with the creamy porcini and truffle oil polenta, this dish is a winner.
Around this time, more GREY GOOSE VX were served and everyone was happy. The drink elevated the flavors of the dishes and everything was perfect.
To finish the meal, EARL GREY and orange flowere creme fraiche, strawberry sorbet and citrus crumbs were served. The citrus flavors went together with the earl grey flavor.
From here, PETIT FOURS were also served. Macarons and some chocolate brownies.
GREY GOOSE VX is an exceptional Vodka. A hint of cognac added to the liqour made it an amazing drink. Partnered with different dishes in BLACKBIRD, made it an amazing night. Cheers.


Makati Ave, Ayala Triangle
Makati City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to this event.
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