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Monday, May 2, 2016

When it comes to steak, I would always be one of the first guys in line because I know how delicious it could be. One night, my friends and I were invited to a restaurant specializing in HAND CUT STEAKS. Yes, I was there pretty early.
  Just a couple of days back, TEXAS ROADHOUSE opened its doors to the public. Located on the 4th floor of the BGC UPTOWN. this place is known for their hand cut steaks and awesome interiors and ambiance.
 Looking like a sports bar and barn house all in one, you could take a seat anywhere in the restaurant and be able to watch that sports event with their huge LCD TVs.

 Since it was their VIP NIGHT, we had a preselected menu covering all their best sellers. To start things off, The LEGENDARY FROZEN MARGARITA was served. Loaded with that tequila flavor, you can't go wrong with this. You could even ask the bar to sweeten or add a little bit of salt to suit your tastebuds. Accompanying it would be huge peanuts. At first, it seemed like a display but it wasn't. The peanuts were bigger compared to locally produced ones. Pretty good start if you ask me.
 One thing they are also known for are their freshly baked breads. These are baked every 5 minutes and has that soft and sweet taste. It is also accompanied by a honey cinnamon butter. I suggest you ask for a plain butter just to compare the taste. I found myself eating more and more of these babies as they were really good!
The BUFFALO WINGS at TEXAS ROADHOUSE has a well balanced taste. You could choose between a hot or mild wing sauce but I prefer the heat. Accompanied by celery and bleu cheese dip, definitely a classic.
 Here, they take their steaks seriously. The 10oz RIBEYE was cooked to my liking. Very flavorful and juicy inside and out. The marbling was there and I enjoyed the cuts of fat on the outside.
 The side dish for the steak was the LOADED SWEET POTATO. Baked potato with marshmallow on top. Different and weird but it works. The gooeyness of the mallows goes well with the potato.
 To end the meal, the CHEESECAKE was served. The taste was spot on. The texture was different. Rather than being smooth all throughout, it gave these hints of crustyness. A must get!
TEXAS ROADHOUSE is different from other restaurants because of their HAND CUT STEAKS and the warmth of their service. The staff did well and the flavors were there. I won't mind going back here for another taste of that steak. Cheers and Congrats!

36th Cor 9th Avenue.
BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this event.
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