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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Looks familiar right? When I first tried this burger, I was amazed and instantly got hooked. Now, SWEET ECSTASY, the burger place, recently opened up their third branch in BGC.
 Located on the 2nd floor of UPTOWN PARADE in BGC and just a stone throw away from PALACE the POOL CLUB and VALKYRIE, SWEET ECSTASY is just like its Katipunan branch. Both have al fresco and a/c dining options. The walls are decorated with clever meme's about burgers and other famous quotes.

 Ordering is pretty simple and fast as well. Go to the counter, pick your poison and pay for it. After a few minutes of foodgasmic anticipation, the food will be served to your table.
Start with the ECSTASY FRIES (130Php). These are your ordinary fries that are smothered with ECSTASY SAUCE. Mayonnaise based with a bit of ketchup plus some pickles, the sauce is a perfect match for the fries. During this visit, I felt that the fries were not the same with their Katipunan branch. It seemed that the serving size was smaller compared to previous visits to their other branch. 
Onion lovers would rejoice with the ONION RINGS (115Php). These are huge cuts of onions that would be difficult to get it all in one bite. 
One of their best sellers would be the SRIRACHA LIME WINGS (245Php). The 6 pieces of golden deep fried wings were coated with a citrusy finish that has a little bit of hotness from the sriracha sauce. Don't forget to use the plastic gloves provided. 
 The main reason why people flock to SWEET ECSTASY would be the burgers. Mind you these are straight forward goodies. Rather than ordering them from the menu, you could request to have them done ala off-menu. Ask that they be steamed. This way, your burgers would come out with more flavors and the texture would be different.
 The meat patty is plain. Not too peppery nor was it salty. It basically gives you that beefy goodness that fast food restaurants are notoriously not known for. Add a bit of cheese or make it into a double and you will definitely enjoy your night!
SWEET ECSTASY is definitely one of the top burger places in the METRO. You can't go wrong with anything that you order. For their BGC Branch, I suggest that you give it a little more time. Since it is still in its infancy and soft opening phase, they can be frazzled when there is a huge crowd but I believe they are getting there. For the mean time, they are open from 5pm to around midnight. This would be perfect for party goers and late night shifters.


9th Street, BGC
Taguig City, Metro Manila

Right Beside Valkyrie. Go up the staircase to the second floor
and you are there.
Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. Paid for my meal.

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