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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A must place to pig out, FAT DADDY'S in BURGOS CIRLCE, BGC is a gem in plain sight. Already their second branch (after Marikina), FAT DADDY'S SMOKEHOUSE enjoy a following among foodies. Looking in, the place seems simple and neat. BUT, this is where you go to enjoy good food and better company.  Diners will rejoice with all the MANLY dishes they serve.
Starting strong, you might want to try one of their famous milkshake. The SMOKEY MAPLE BACON (150Php). A nice blend of sweet and salty all rolled into one cold drink.
Trying to be healthy, FAT DADDY'S serve salads with a little oily twist. These dishes would be perfect for someone that is trying to go on a diet but still loves bacon.

Something to warm up the taste buds, the WILD MUSHROOM SOUP would do the trick. Three different kinds were used to create this dish. Crispy bits would greet you as you take the first spoonful.

Something that I personally enjoyed was the CRISPY FRIED PICKLES (165Php). Huge cuts of pickles were deep fried to perfection. Making me one happy camper.

A couple more deep fried starters that put FAT DADDY'S on the map would be the HOT PORK POPPERS (175Php) and the BUTTERMILK FRIED LIVERS (185Php).
Rubbed Pork belly was used to make the poppers more flavorful. Partnering it with the vinegar sauce would make someone crave for rice. Another interesting and well executed dish, the LIVER was pretty good. The use of the buttermilk and other seasoning was able to mellow down the strong flavors.
Cheesy dishes would make great comfort food. FAT DADDY'S makes them pretty well.

The HOT MESS (360Php) and the MAC and 4 CHEESE (320Php) are classic examples of what hot cheese dishes should be. The Hot Mess is their version of mashed potato with loads of cheese, bacon and pulled pork on top. The MAC and CHEESE meanwhile, would fulfill your childhood fantasy of having amazing home made bacon with those macaroni. Cheesy, salty, damn GOOD!

For someone that is truly hungry, their main dishes would be your best bet.

The braised short ribs is slow cooked and is partnered with bourbon sauce. This gives it a little twang on the palette. On the other hand, one could go for some salmon or shrimps just to getaway from all the meat.

For a huge party, it would be better to go for their SMOKED and BARBECUE MEATS.
A whole range of flavors and meat experience would greet the diners. The Beef Brisket, hot links, bacon slab, and even a bacon slab.  These are done right. You won't go wrong with any.

Side dishes would also be a welcome partner for the mains. I would suggest going for the dirty rice and the bacon and chives corn bread. The rice has a little bit of saltiness and the corn bread gives you a different mouth feel from all the meat.
Dessert is a big thing in FAT DADDY'S. If there is only one dish for you to try, it must be the BACON and SMORES DIP. Homemade smoked bacon provides the salty component while the chocolate ganache and marshmallows give you that sweet ending.
FAT DADDY'S SMOKEHOUSE in BGC is that place where you want to go to if you want to pig out.  Aside from smoked and barbecued meats, the starters are well executed. They also serve burgers and other pasta dishes for variety. These are delicious and yet very deadly. As with everything good, always keep things in moderation. Cheers.

Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this event.
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