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Thursday, July 21, 2016

A foodie destination, BGC is in need of a serious dessert place. Thankfully Chef MIKO planned it all out and created FREEZER BURN.
Located just a few steps away from FOWL BREAD (which you can read here), CHEF MIKO ASPIRAS made a classic novelty into something wild and creative. Not just your ordinary ice cream shop, FREEZER BURN has interesting flavors that you won't normally see just anywhere in the metro.

Making COMPOSED DESSERTS or combining ice cream with something familiar to create delicious mixed sweet delights, FREEZER BURN lit up social media with their KETCHUP MAYO FRIES (295Php). One would have to admit that combining KETCHUP and MAYO is something like a thousand island dressing. Eating ice cream with fries would also be different for some. On the other hand, I love it. Ever since I was a kid I would eat my fries by dipping it into vanilla ice cream. What perfect way to expound on this by making the flavor of the ice cream into something familiar. FREEZER BURN didn't go over but made the flavor light to properly work well with the fries.

Another crowd favorite, G'DAY MATE (295Php) is a combination of BUTTER ICE CREAM and STICKY DATE PUDDING. The mix of the butter ice cream flavor and the pudding made it a delicious treat. Having some "injectable" sweet syrup makes this a perfect treat for sweet tooths.

A classic flavor,  the BBPPBB (295Php) is FREEZER BURN'S take on a butter pecan and bananas. They created a browned butterpeacan ice cream served with peanut butter waffles and bananas.
MINT lovers would enjoy the THICK MINTS (295Php). Composed of Best Mint Stracciatella ice cream with 5 bite brownie. It's refreshing but it works.
For something safe, one could go for the OLA! (295Php). This is their chocolate ice cream partnered with churros. The ice cream is a bit heavy perfect for a dip like expecirience.
Aside from these flavors, FREEZER BURN has a couple more up its sleeve. If I were to go back, I believe I would try out the MORNING GLORY with its maple bacon ice cream and brioche toast. Also, another round of ketchup mayo fries would also be in my list.
FREEZERBURN is an excellent concept. Perfect for Sweet loving dessert crazy Filipinos. My only concern is that the prices are a bit expensive for some but the flavors and the quality of these creations make it worth a try. Better to go in for take out. There are only a limited number of seats in the store.

FOWLBREAD: Delicious Chicken

Bonifacio High Street.
Near Nike Store and right in front of Krispy Kreme.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out the restaurant.
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