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Monday, July 25, 2016

 Aiming for something greater, the CENTER for CULINARY ARTS MANILA partnered with INSTITUT CULINAIRE DISCIPLES ESCOFFIER to create a learning opportunity for Filipinos  to master the essential techniques of French Cuisine. To celebrate the collaboration, the
  MICHELIN-STAR FRENCH MASTER CHEF CHRISTIAN TETEDOIE was flown in to give an introductory class and grace a media event.
Demonstrating his skills in the kitchen, CHEF CHRISTIAN TETEDOIE didn't miss a beat as he explained and demonstrated the proper ins and outs of cooking two very delectable and iconic French dishes.
The first one was the PAN-SEARED FOIE GRAS with Rasberry Sauce and the other is the SCALLOPS PORCINI MUSHROOMS and Spice Butter.
After the demonstration, a realization came about. CHEF CHRISTIAN TETEDOIE is passionate about cooking. He loves it. He will not have lasted a long time in the culinary field much less be awarded with numerous citations and medals if he wasn't so. Those in attendance was able to experience this first hand. Upon learning that someone else would be cooking for lunch, he asked that he join the fun too. That is passion. Always wanting more and striving for more.
Everyone was actually surprised as he prepared, supervised and plated different dishes to be served that day.
The first one was the BAKED BACK of SALMON. Braised fennel with white wine and fish caviar sauce. The meat was evenly cooked all throughout making it moist. The addition of the fish caviar on top gave it a different bite. The fennel added a little sweetness to the dish.
The BEEF TENDERLOIN STRIPS was cooked in a "Rossini" style. Meaning to say, melted butter was used and that foie gras is present as well. At first sight, one would think that the meat might be a little dry but thankfully it wasn't. It was tender and the buttery essence was there. Bits of foie gras was scattered on the meat making it deadly but delicious.
For dessert, a caramelized upside down fresh mango tarte was served. This was the perfect dish to end the meal. Not too sweet and done right.
Grateful. These actions would enable aspiring Filipino culinary talent to pursue their dreams. I think that is what CCA-ICDE wants to give. Opportunity to learn and be passionate about your love for cooking.

For those interested, the Pilot Classes for this FRENCH CULINARY PROGRAM will begin in September at the New CCA, Manila Campus located along H.V. dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village Makati City.


Disclaimer: was invited to this event. wrote this based on my experience.
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