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Monday, August 1, 2016

 A quick and satisfying meal for a hungry traveler. That is what CAFE BELMONT wants to provide with its SOUTHEAST ASIAN NIGHTS. Running till the end of August, this buffet spread is offered during Friday and Saturday nights.
 Located on the ground floor of the newly built BELMONT HOTEL in the Resorts World Manila area in Pasay, CAFE BELMONT is simple and straight forward.
The buffet is actually divided into 4 different areas. One could start with the Make-your-own-Salad bar. Here, different asian flavors could be tasted. Appetizers are also present as well.
Guests must not miss the LAKSA STATION though.
 The laksa broth is soothing. Given that it packs a punch, the spiciness of the soup is perfect with the  noodles. Being able to choose your own toppings would enable you to personalize your own laksa as well.
  Something familiar yet different is the Gkai Kamin. This is a Thai styled lemongrass and tumeric chicken. The flavor works well and was absorbed by the chicken.
 Another Asian dish would be the BEEF RENDANG. Almost similar to a Filipino Dish, this version was actually pretty good.
 Seafood lovers would enjoy the Fish Fillet. Cooked in black bean sauce, the fish were moist and tender.
The THIT NUONG XA or grilled pork belly is very similar to the Filipino version. Still, it was marinated well and would be a hit among the kids.
 More than just the Lechon kawali, mussels and lemon grass chicken, the buffet spread also features chili crabs. After all is set and done, you could also enjoy their dessert station as well.
 Granted that not everyone enjoys buffet, CAFE BELMONT also offers delicious ala carte dishes.
The CRISPY PATA is crunchy and would go well with the SINIGANG SA SALMON BELLY. The Salmon Belly are coated and deep fried. The soup is poured into the dish when it is served to make sure that it arrives delicious.

Another Filipino favorite would be the KARE-KARE. CAFE BELMONT'S version is sweet and made with old school techniques. They even use toasted rice as a thickening agent. 

CAFE BELMONT definitely serves its purpose. As a restaurant to a 4 star travel hotel, this cafe can deliver delicious dishes perfect for its guests.


Belmont Hotel in Resorts World Manila: More than just a stopover.

Belmont Hotel Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City,
Pasay City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out the dishes at Cafe Belmont
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