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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

After a hard day at work, people would usually go out and unwind. In Japan, the salary man would  go to the near by pub and order a couple of skewered meats and a beer to relax the night away. At NANBANTEI of TOKYO, they try to give the diners a sense of relaxation and a taste of Tokyo.
As you enter the restaurant, you are guided into one of the booths and served vegetable appetizers. It is here that guests realize that they won't smell bad afterwards. One reason why most some tend to stay away from Yakitori is that they smell like smoke when they eat. At NANBANTEI, they grill the dishes in an enclosed and well ventilated area making sure that you won't smell like food when you visit.
Just like other Japanese restaurant in the area, NANBANTEI also offers a number of starters. You could go for an onigiri or grilled rice ball and maybe a couple of sushi orders. 
From here the staff would suggest you get their crowd-pleaser. The Chicken Kara Age and the Chicken Skin Kara Age. The way that NANBANTEI coat the meat is something worth mentioning. It is very crispy and would go well with any of their sauces.
BUT, the main attraction in this restaurant would be their SKEWERED JAPANESE TREATS. Different types of meat, vegetables and even seafood are prepared fresh and are grilled to perfection.
One can only imagine the limitless possibilities. At NANBANTEI, best sellers would include the bacon wrapped mushrooms, bacon wrapped salmon, chicken skin, and even more chicken skin.
Knowing that these dishes would go well with alcohol, they recently launched a whole variety of themed cocktails to go with these dishes. Personally, the mojito is a great choice. Just ask any of the staff and they would be willing to give you their own personal recommendations.
NANBANTEI of TOKYO has been in town for a long time. No wonder since they offer high quality and delectable Japanese dishes. If I only knew, I would have been to NANBANTEI more often. 
Recently, NANBANTEI of TOKYO opened their newest branch in ALABANG TOWN CENTER! Another perfect place to relax and enjoy. Cheers guys!

Bonifacio High Street
7th Ave cor 29th, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Metro Manila


Disclaimer: was invited to this restaurant. wrote this based on my experience.
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