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Friday, August 5, 2016

Exuding a relaxed yet somewhat semi-formal vibe, CHINA BLUE at the new CONRAD HOTEL MANILA is not your ordinary fine dining Chinese restaurant. With a menu designed by international master chef Jereme Leung, you are assured of a delightful and delicious experience.
As you enter, you are assisted to your table. Excellent service right from the start. If you are lucky, the table assigned to you would be the one nearest the window. This opens up to the magnificent and uninterrupted view of the famous Manila Bay.
Table setting is well thought off. Plates are all imported and most are hand painted. Two sets of chopsticks are placed for personal use and as a serving utensil. One could start with their flavored Ice Teas. Refreshing and perfect for the weather. The restaurant offers a plethora of drinks but their Chinese Tea Menu is one of the best and extensive in the metro. 
Seemingly like a familiar eel dish, the SHITAKE MUSHROOMS are served stir fried and with a sweet vinaigrette sauce. Alongside it are deceitful vegetable spring rolls that could pass as their meaty counterpart. Very addicting.
Displaying the kitchen's excellent skill, the soup course was served next. This is the Chrysanthemum tofu, tibetan rock grains, and dried conch consomme. Aside from being delightful, the tofu was masterfully sliced to present an equally cut version that stood firmly even after it was drenched with the consomme.
Standing out, the HAR KAU or steamed shrimp dumplings was served with ivy moss plant. Huge pieces of shrimps were mixed with a bit of ivy moss to give it another dimension.
The STEAMED TRUFFLE MUSHROOM BUNS is something kids and adults would love to try out. Shaped like a mushroom, the truffle would be evident as you take a bite into the soft buns.
Something familiar yet different, the CRISPY FRIED SHRIMP was served with wasabi and mango salsa. Thankfully, the wasabi wasn't spicy. Rather it was smooth and gentle to the palate. Having the mango salsa was a nice sweet touch to this dish giving it a little bit of twang.
A crowd favorite, the CRISPY PUMPKIN was a delight to eat. The sweetness of the pumpkin worked well with the saltiness of the salted duck eggs.
Filipino diners need not worry as CHINA BLUE offers the ROSE APPLE and PORK with SWEET, SOUR and SPICY SAUCE. Basically what every Filipino almost always orders in a Chinese restaurant. Compared to other establishments, the pork is sliced thinner and the sauce was made to have a nice balance of both sweet and sour flavors. Guests also have the option to make the dish spicy or as is.
A bit peppery, the BEEF TENDERLOIN CUBE is a nice touch for beef lovers. Wok-fried and combined with asparagus and wild Hunan pepper, the resulting dish is a delicious treat. The meat was tender and soft.

These hand painted and soft buns have a secret surprise in the middle. One bite in and a liquid gold would come out to entice you more. This standout gives off a slightly sweet yet salty custard center. Delicious.
Using the hues of blue and white, CHINA BLUE at CONRAD HOTEL MANILA has a relaxed atmosphere perfect for dining. Excellent execution and impeccable service makes it one of the must visit restaurants in Manila.

CHINA BLUE by Jereme Leung
3rd Floor Conrad Hotel Manila
Seaside Boulevard, Pasay City
Metro Manila
(02) 833 9999

Disclaimer: Was Invited to try out CHINA BLUE. Wrote this based on my experience.
P.S. See the appetizer on the first photo? Ask for doubles. You're welcome.
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