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Monday, August 8, 2016

 Comfort food and a favorite, Japanese cuisine is close to the heart and the tummy of the Filipinos. As such, foodies can never get enough of Japanese dishes done right. That is where KOKU comes in.
 Located on the ground floor of the TWO CENTRAL building along Valero street in Makati, this bright and lively Japanese restaurant serves the traditional and not so Japanese Cuisine.  KOKU collaborated with different chefs to create a well rounded menu that would cater to both young and old. As guests enter the restaurant, a relaxed and modern vibe is felt. The music is upbeat and the atmosphere soothes in. Guests could start their dining experience with some appetizers or salad mixes. 
 Something healthy, the SPICY TUNA SALAD is a favorite among the cycling studio goers from next door. It's fresh and perfect for the active lifestyle. No need to worry, the spiciness is controlled and it would not burn your tongue.
 For the undecided, the menu would suggest the MIXED SUSHI SPECIAL. A line up of kani, ebi, unagi, salmon and tuna. One would appreciate the freshness and the flavors each bite gives.
 The SALMON ABURI SUSHI is a crowd favorite. A little bit savory and creamy, the salmon is torched and engulfed with a secret sauce. Maki lovers would also enjoy the DYNAMITE ROLL as the mix of salmon and tuna goes well with a little bit of chili.
 If there was one dish to try, it would be the OYSTER PAPAYA. HUGE Japanese Oysters are served with the sweet fruit in a skillet. A mixture of secret seasoning creates a honey-like savory sauce. Partnered with the papaya, this equates to a creamy and delightful experience.
The WAGYU TEPPANYAKI is a winner. The beef is grilled in such a way that even if it is no longer hot, you would still experience the flavors and the tenderness of the meat. This demonstrates the proper cooking technique the kitchen delivers. Perfect.

One bite in and there was a moutful of surprise. The SALMON BELLY TEPPANYAKI was so soft and juicy that one might mistake it for pork belly. It was delightful to eat.

KOKU in MAKATI is a welcome treat for the Salcedo Village residents and office workers. The restaurant offers quality Japanese dishes at affordable prices. The oysters and the sushis would be your best bet.

109 Valero St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City,
Metro Manila

Parking is very limited on the street. Better to park in the building. Entrance is at the back.
Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out this restaurant.
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