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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

During my first visit to SINGAPORE, my friends from college brought me to a restaurant strip called MAKANSUTRA. It was an outdoor place that had different food stalls. There, I was able to try a number of dishes representing SINGAPORE.
 After many years, MAKANSUTRA decided to leave its motherland. It is finally opening in SM MEGAMALL.
On SEPTEMBER 8, 2016,  this THURSDAY, foodies would be treated to amazing dishes that was curated and organized by the man himself, KF SEETOH. For this endeavor, he has partnered with local celebrity chef JJ YULO.
 The huge space recreated the hawker feel. 11 different food stalls and a beverage counter in the middle, would be able to serve more than 500 people at the same time. Each hawker cooks their dishes upon order. It might take awhile but it is worth the wait.
 One could start off with something "light". Located at the back, CURRY FLURRY offers Indian food popular in the streets of Singapore. Their version of the ROTI PRATA is very soft and crispy. Served with curry, you do not need to worry as it is flavorful but not too spicy.
 Our Muslim brothers are also welcomed here, as HALAL food is served. At ALHAMBRA PADANG SATAY, they offer Mee Goreng, Beehon Soto and Satay Beehon. If there was one dish to order here, it would be the SATAY STICKS.
Moist and tender, they go perfectly well with the slight sweetness of the peanut sauce.
Give into your seafood cravings at HONGKONG STREET OLD CHUN KEE. At the World Street Food Congress 2016, this particular HAWKER served har CHEONG KAI or Fried Bagoong Chicken. You can check out the chicken here. This time around, their stall has 27 different dishes to choose from.  
 The HONEY GLAZED BABY SQUID and the CHILI CRAB made quite an impression. The Squid was crispy and crunchy at the same time. It is a little bit sweet but excellent with a cold beer. The CHILI CRAB is the most expensive item on the menu but with good reason. The crab is huge and is drowned with special chili sauce. One can't help but slurp the sauces on the side.
 At GOOBA HIA, our very own CHEF HIM UY de BARON created dishes that are quite familiar.
 Similar to pares, the BRAISED BEEF is amazingly soft and tender. There is a hint of sweetness with each bite. This will go well with either rice or noodles. Another crowd favorite at MAKANSUTRA.
 Duck lovers would rejoice at JIN JI KWAY CHAP. This stall serves braised and stewed pork, offal and everyone's favorite, duck. The DUCK with YAM RICE is something that novices could try as it is a gateway to more exciting courses.
 For soup and noodles, one must not miss DONALD and LILY. This serves the meanest LAKSA and MEE SIAM in the metro. Get both as they are incredibly comforting. The laksa is flavorful with just the right amount of spiciness. The coconut really made a difference in the flavoring. The MEE SIAM they serve is one of the most sought after dishes at the WORLD STREET FOOD CONGRESS last April 2016. Thus, get them both. Seriously.
 Filipinos would definitely enjoy the dishes from GEYLANG CLAYPOT RICE. As heavy rice eaters, one can't have a complete meal without it. Here, carefully selected jasmine rice is served with chicken, Chinese sausages and other premium meat.
 If there was one thing MAKANSUTRA could improve on, it would be their dessert selections.
They offer unique drinks like Kopi teh and even Milo Dinosaur. No problem here as the choices are more than enough.
In terms of sweet endings, there were only a couple of legit choices. From what I understand, they plan to develop more dessert dishes and rearrange the menu.
With all of these, they have more to offer. From Bak Kut Teh, to Oyster Cake, Fried Paper Chicken, prawn noodles soup and the traditional Chicken Rice. Expect to shell out 250Php to 400 Php per dish. The most expensive one would be the seafood pegged at market prices.

What to expect with Makansutra opening in SM Megamall.
10 Dishes to Try at the WORLD STREET FOOD CONGRESS 2016


Unit 209 AB, 2nd Floor
Building A of Sm Megamall.
Ortigas, Metro Manila

***Right beside Burger King on the 2nd floor.
On top of what used to be the old Ice Skating Rink. If on Edsa, facing Megamall, Building A is on the left side.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to this event.
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