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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When it comes to food, I tend to like the greasy and unhealthy kind. With CHIMARA, I was exposed to the other side. This particular restaurant serves feel good dishes that are based on what you feel.
Located in the new part of UP TOWN CENTER along KATIPUNAN, CHIMARA is a restaurant under the belt of the Taters Company. They primarily serves healthy dishes to the public. Perfect for after work outs or stressful situations.
One could start with the freshly squeezed juices that were mixed and blended with different fruits and even vegetables. The most popular drinks would be the "I AM CALM" and "I AM WISE".
Going with what a person might feel, CHIMARA wants to help alleviate a person's mood and condition by serving dishes that help out. One of them would be this  ASIAN SESAME TOFU SALAD. Served with creamy sesame dressing, it consists of beetroot, snow peas, apples and even tofu.
For someone that is just visiting for a snack, SOY GINGER CHICKEN PANINI. The chicken is marinated with ginger and is engulf inside a panini. It was a bit on the sweet side but it was well balanced.
Surprisingly, the FAUX BEEF SALPICAO tastes like the real thing. This crowd favorite is made out of soy protein. Each bite would produce a tender texture that could fool anyone's taste buds. The garlic flavor was definitely there. I wouldn't mind going back for this. Pasta lovers would enjoy the TOFU CHEESE PESTO. The tofu is covered with quezo blanco and is surrounded by CHIMARA'S original pesto recipe.
These dishes could actually be served with rice, pasta or in a panini form. The drinks can be also customized based on your preference. Actually, you could also create your own meal from the different ingredients they have on stock. For first timers, go for their TOFU CHIPS. It's a heavy and healthy alternatives to junk food.

Ground Floor
Up Town Center
Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out the dishes here.
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