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Friday, September 9, 2016

Just in time for the ber months, CHUBBY CHEEKS COOKIES could be your go to online store in terms of giveaways in the office and to your distant relatives and friends.
Because of the love of baking, CHUBBY CHEEKS COOKIES was born. Dreams do actually come true as homemade creations are now being shared to the public.
The box of cookies was sent to me via mail. When the package was opened, the smell of undeniably mouth watering cookies filled the room. Unfortunately, the mishandling of the delivery service made some of the cookies crumble. Patrons though need not worry as these are definitely available for pick up.This cookies are better eaten within the day just to be sure of its freshness.
From Double chocolate crinkles, Chunky Chocolate Chip, Matcha, Red Velvet and Vodka funfetti, patrons are assured of variety. Actually, they also bake rolls like cinnamon, chocolate and even pesto roll.
If I were asked, the matcha cookie is okay and would warrant a second piece. For the ultimate delight, the chocolate chip is your no miss bet. Surprisingly, the cost per dozen is actually affordable and would be either 100 or 150Php. Not bad if you ask me.

for orders and inquiries

*** Orders should be placed three working days in advanced.

Disclaimer: the sampler box was courtesy of CHUBBY CHEEKS COOKIES. Wrote this based on my experience.

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