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Friday, September 9, 2016

One could say that SM MEGAFASHION HALL has turned into an amazing destination for food and drinks. Here are a few reasons why it may be wise to take a detour and have a visit.
Proving me wrong all over again, LINGUINI FINI is your place to check out not just because of pizza but because of other dishes on their menu. You could see my previous trip to Linguini Fini here.

They also offer affordable steak cuts and of course pizza and pasta.

For sushi lovers, SUSHI NORI is a no frills, straight forward kiosk that offers different types of rolls and fresh Japanese goodies.

Aside from the traditional rolls, you could expect other imaginative dishes that would definitely work.

One could go for a creamy roll that had just the right amount of sweetness or something with a little bit of spice. This is a perfect meal on the go.
FOR dessert, you may want to check out HOBINGSU. Bingsu is a korean dessert that is made of shaved ice and topped with delicious toppings.

At HOBINGSU, they make sure that you enjoy your stay. They try to use the freshest ingredients and even import strawberries from Korea. Pretty good stuff.

For a night cap or more treats, one could visit SATCHMI.
Known for their old vinyls and records in the store, they are also serving third wave coffee and snacks.
Aside from being able to deliver high quality coffee, they also have genius snack creations. Get the BEET SANDWICH. Trust me. It's pretty good.
Being able to experience new concepts and delicious dishes definitely makes SM MEGAFASHION HALL a place to visit for the foodies.

Linguini Fini: More than Just Pizza

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to a food crawl.  Thank you very much to SATCHMI, HOBINGSU, SUSHI NORI, LINGUINI FINI.
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