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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It might seem something different but it wouldn't stop anyone from trying it. American Cuisine is definitely foreign to the Filipino Palate. And yet, a lot of diners crave for something out of the ordinary. At MIGHTY QUINN'S, they spread the word through their smokers and huge cuts of meat. Making them, a good place to start something different.
Located on the 3rd floor of the SM MEGAFASHION HALL in SM MEGAMALL, MIGHTY QUINN'S is one of four international restaurants of the famous New York institution. With the others in Taipei, Dubai, and Tokyo, the people behind Yabu and Ippudo were able to bring this restaurant chain here to MANILA.
Smoked and slow cooked for almost a day, the meat that MIGHTY QUINN'S serve are deadly good and smoky.
Flavors are infused and are completely absorbed by these succulent pieces of meat. Techniques were perfected and premium ingredients were used to create such masterpieces.

Surprisingly, the restaurant only uses one type of sauce and its easy to figure out why. The sauce in itself is an all around. Plus they have something else to give the dishes a different flavor profile.
That would be the pickled add-ons. Different vegetables were cooked and marinated to make them give off tangy and strong flavors.
Furthermore, side dishes are also available. From potato salad, to baked beans and other vegetable offerings.
If there was only a couple to try, they would be the sweet potato and the corn fritters. The sweet potato has a slight cinnamon healthy yet sweet flavor. On the other hand, the corn fritters are down right delicious specially when partnered with some spicy honey sauce.
Aside from the award winning briskets, they also have other meat dishes to offer.
One could go for pork, beef or chicken.  The Spare Ribs are packed with tender and finger-licking  profile. If you're already filled with brisket, one order of BURNT ENDS would make you ask for seconds. Having a vinegary profile, these babies are a joy to eat with either rice or buns.
Here at MIGHTY QUINN'S, they can serve the dishes either with rice or in a sandwich form.
If there are a number of guests in one group, they may opt to get the BRONTOSAURUS RIB. A humongous piece of tender juicy loving, you can't go wrong with this.
Definitely a crowd pleaser, MIGHTY QUINN'S is the place to go to for BARBEQUE. Although it might look as if it's a place just for a straight meal, one tip to go on would be to try their PUDDING. It is simple and must not be shared. Mighty Quinn's opens to the public today, December 13, 2016 Tuesday.

3rd Floor Megafashion Hall, 
Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong,
Metro Manila

TIP: They serve craft beer! Drag your family and friends so that you can create your own platter to share.
Addendum: 4 branches internationally: Taipei, Dubai, Tokyo, and Manila.

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