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Sunday, January 29, 2017

See someone familiar? Some of the top bloggers and influencers in the food blogging industry were asked to check out LIMBAGA 77 in Tomas Morato. More so, that they created a short TVC. It wasn't my first time being shot for television and yet I was nervous. Real nervous. I know I could have done more. I hope it was alright. Thank you very much for checking out this video. From what I gathered it would be launched sometime in February but let's see. Cheers!!!

LIMBAGA 77 CAFE RESTAURANT is situated along 77 Scout Limbaga near the corner of Tomas Morato in Quezon City. Having a couple of floors and expansive alfresco area, this is a restaurant that could definitely cater to different occasions.

Originally a house with over 50 years of memories, this was transformed into a FILIPINO CUISINE RESTAURANT. Guests would feel at home with familiar yet delicious cooking. Passed down through generations different takes on classic dishes like Crispy Pata and Laing.

For me, LIMBAGA 77 is a nice place to relax and enjoy good old fashion cooking. The rustic and relax feel is a welcome change from the urban city.

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