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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

 There comes a time when you wake up and wonder what has happened. You realize you're 31 and you see yourself in the mirror and ask "what have I done". At California Pizza Kitchen, they look after you by offering healthier options. Something light yet feeling and delicious are added to their menu.
 Just a few weeks ago, CPK has released some new dishes to their menu lineup. It included some salad, pizza, a pasta, and even rice meals. Something that is catered to the Filipino palette.
 For starters, one could go for the Fruit Salsa Tortilla Tzatziki. Served with nacho chips, you have your own salsa with avocados as toppings. Healthy eaters would enjoy the Quinoa + Arugula. The quinoa were properly cooked in a way that it complimented the greens well. The addition of the cheese gave contrasting flavors to the arugula.
 For pasta, one could try the CHICKEN and SAUSAGE FAJITA. Served with bread, this dish is on the creamy side. Since Filipinos are vehement rice eaters, CPK figured that it's important to put in some rice entrees. Take note though, you could change the rice to quinoa if you so wish.
 One could go for the SWEET FLAME SHRIMP or the CHICKEN and ASPARAGUS. The shrimp is lightly seared and is coated with a sweet sauce. The chicken and asparagus has lemon cream sauce to give off that citrus flavor. It goes pretty well with rice.
 Since CPK is well know for its pizza, this time around, they added a couple.
You could go for a vegetarian option that's coined as FORIANA ROASTED WALNUT with CAULIFLOWER. Honestly, there was a sense of terror when I saw the dish. I haven't seen that much vegetables on a pizza. One bite it and I realized that the combination of vegetables wasn't too overwhelming that it all blended together. The nuts gave off a nice crunchy texture as well. For meat lovers, they might want to try the SURF n TURF TRIO. A nice mixture of shrimps and meat, you won't go wrong with ordering this. To top it all off, you might want to try the HAZELNUT BROWNIE ALA MODE for dessert.
CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN has a lot of restaurant locations in the metro. You could visit them in Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Greenbelt 5, Greenhills, Mall of Asia, Century City Mall, and Shangri-la Plaza East Wing.

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