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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fries and burgers. Two of the things that has brought people together. Different places in the metro has these two but only a few specializes in it. One of those restaurants would be POUND.
Opened for a time now, POUND expanded by having a new branch in SM MEGAFASHION HALL. Located on the 2nd floor of the new wing of megamall, POUND has a black and white feel.
With a menu that is straight forward, guests are invited to pick different sandwiches or burgers with sides and even customize them to their liking. One could start with some truffle fries or even poutine. Aside from these potato dishes, you could also go for something not traditionally available in other restaurants. Fried pickles, chilis and even truffle risotto tater tots would satisfy your craving.
If you're not feeling adventurous, BACON and EGG SLIDERS could do the treat. A gateway into burgers, house cured bacon and quail eggs are put together. The addition of Apple Aioli makes it a treat.
Meat on meat is a nice way to start any day. The AMSTERDAM BURGER is quite impressive. The ground beef patty is joined with pastrami, gruyere, sauekraut and other add ons.
If you're not into burgers, you might want to try the fried chicken sliders. Sweet spice is placed with crispy pickled slaw and cilantro aioli along with the chicken bits. Juicy and interesting.
One of the most impressive addition to any burger or sandwich would be the bone marrow. A huge chunk of it is served on the side. Scoopfuls of marrow are rich and deadly addition to any meal.
For the main event, the POUND FOIE GRAS BURGER would be the best bet. Seared foie gras is added on top of a foie gras mousse to make this burger savory and delicious. Each bite can make you swirl.
To end a meal, a sweet ending of a sundae would be ideal. Cubes of brownies and other sinful delight are placed on top scoops of ice cream. Definite way to end the day.
POUND by TODD ENGLISH is how you define burger perfection. Easy to customize and eat, you won't go wrong with any of the dishes they provide.

2nd Floor Megafashion Hall
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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