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Friday, May 5, 2017

A whirlwind visit it was. Just last week, I had the honor of being invited by the DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM to vist EASTERN VISAYAS. To be exact, I was able to go Leyte and check out the different natural and gastronomic attractions it has to offer. As I arrived pretty early, there were two interesting places one should and could visit when in LEYTE.
The first one would be the MACARTHUR LANDING MEMORIAL PARK. The statues that are seen here commemorates the time that the good general came back to the Philippines to liberate it from Japanese Occupation. It's here that we see and feel the immense historical and cultural importance that particular point in time was to everyone in the country and the world. It was a step closer to stopping and finishing world war 2. Just beside it lies the Rock Garden of Peace. Messages of peace from countries all over the world are engraved on tablets for the public to see.
A short ride later would lead you to another attraction. The SAN JUANICO BRIDGE simply is majestic. It is the longest bridge in the Philippines. As such, it connects Leyte and Samar making it easier for visitors and residents to travel across the body of water. One could actually stop for a quick picture and enjoy the clean and cool breeze. Just be careful as you could feel the bridge shake each time a vehicle passes by.
An interesting and quaint bed and breakfast place to visit would be LORENZO'S WAY. Here, they offer a few rooms to visitors and all day breakfast fare to hungry guests.
Breakfast could start off with some coffee or even with these homemade lemonade concoctions. Visually appealing, it isn't too sweet.
The meal itself is appropriate for the long day ahead. Breakfast platters could be a choice between TOCINO, a sweet cured pork or BEEF TAPA, tender beef strips that were marinated or LONGGANISA, a garlic version of sausages, and BANGUS, milkfish that was dip fried to get a golden brown finish.
After this early morning drive, off we go to down south. Wait for my other posts on this EASTERN VISAYAS ADVENTURE.

Paterno St., Tacloban, Leyte Province, Philippines

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