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Monday, July 3, 2017

A dinner is never complete without something to be thankful for. At THE FIREPLACE in NEW WORLD MANILA BAY HOTEL, they are serious in servings its guests the best possible dishes that they can and for that diners are blessed and appreciative.
Just a week or so ago, FIREPLACE launched different dishes that serves AUSTRALIAN GRASS FED BEEF. Known for being nutritious, safe, and flavorful, AUSTRALIAN GRASS FED BEEF has a lot to offer. A good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, the meat has less saturated fat compared to others.
This time around, it was partnered and served with different dishes on the menu. One could start off with some Parmesan Flan. Almost custard like, this cheesy appetizer definitely whets the appetite.
Aside from that, they also offer some greens filled with luxurious seafood and even foie gras. This salad has got to be both healthy and decadent at the same time.
When ordering, never forget about their version of the mashed potato. The texture is very smooth and has a slight buttery and creamy taste. Having to crush the potatoes by hand spelled a great difference.
With the star of the show in mind. GRASSFED CARPACCIO was brought out. Thinly sliced high grade beef was transformed into something ingenious. Simple yet delicious.
Interesting enough, GRASSFED SINUGLAW was a recreation of a classic. Seared beef was used in partnership with tuna loin. A dab of calamansi and other spices created a perfect precursor to the main event.
Tremendously huge cuts of steak were up next. Sous Vide, these babies showed a lean yet packed image of what a steak should be.
One could choose between a tenderloin or a ribeye.
Cooked ever so gently, these steaks seems to be done medium to medium rare. Bursting with juices, each bite would take you to heaven. The meat from Australia seems to do the trick. The flavors were intense and delightful.
Available until August 20 in the FIREPLACE, the AUSTRALIAN GRASS FED BEEF is a great choice.


1588 Pedro Gill cor MH Del Pilar,
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
+632 2526888

Opens at dinner time.

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