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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

 Sometimes it's the ambiance or it's nothing at all. If there was one quiet place in Ortigas that was pleasant to the eyes, it would be NOSTALGIA. Located in Oakwood Premier Hotel, this quaint and homey dining lounge now offers a Sunday Lunch Buffet.
 Priced at 999Php, guests are welcomed with a number of dishes to choose from. Aside from the make your own salad, one could have a go at their pasta section for your DIY noodles.
The Seafood Paella was the first thing that would greet you as you enter the buffet area. To accompany this, main dishes offered were quite filling.
Going around the middle table, different cooked items such as the sweet and sour pork, crispy chicken skin, and even pork cracklings would entice you. There was also a number of chicken and meat viands available.
Another must try would be this huge slab of meat. Although one could say that it seemed a little overcooked, it has absorbed the flavors from the seasoning very well.
Seafood lovers would also enjoy the salt and pepper prawns. 
 The dessert section would be one of the things that the Sunday Lunch Buffet could be commended on. Different pastries, fruits, ice cream, and even bread pudding lined up one whole wall of the room. You can even make your own mixed dessert by adding different toppings while having a feast of traditional Filipino sticky rice on one side while short cakes on the other.

Granted that there is always room for improvement, the Sunday Lunch Buffet at NOSTALGIA is a nice way to keep it simple. Dishes may not be as many as other buffet places but the ambiance and the service makes up for it.

Oakwood Premier Manila
17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 
Metro Manila

Protip: Remember to have your parking validated.
They only shoulder 2 hours of your stay so budget your time wisely.

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